The Saviour Syndrome

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The Saviour Syndrome is a want to help others without understanding
the true origin of the want, and without understanding how to
congruently (harmoniously) channel the want, and without understanding
the consequences of exercising the want (providing the "help").
Thus the Saviour Syndrome can be very dangerous to both the
recipients of the "help" and the provider of the "help".

The Saviour Syndrome is most likely to be exhibited by individuals
who in some way manifest a certain "quality" or "capability" they deem
as being helpful to others.   These "gifted" individuals feel an urge,
a want to share their "gift" (or "talent") with others = to "help" others.
On the surface this want to help might seem commendable, and in many
cases the society might applaud such an effort, and even reward with medals,
certificates, titles, prizes, and media coverage.   However, deeper inside this
want might be based on an incongruent (disharmonious) "thing" and as such
would actually harm both the provider and the recipient of the "help".
This "thing" might be:
- toxicity
- affection by a negative energy
- subconscious negative intention
- the individual's energy being out of control for whatever reason
- being energetically blocked or switched
...and yes, it is possible to consciously interpret the above as positive things.
All of the above may manifest as a (seeming) psychic ability, hearing of inner
"helpful" voice(s), ideas on how to help others, (seeming) intuition,
keen intellect, etc.

The Saviour Syndrome may also be exhibited by individuals who in some
way manifest a genuine psychic ability, who have genuine good intentions
and ideas, who are genuinely intuitive.
However, even in the case of a genuinely gifted individual, this want to help
may be affected by something disharmonious that may be going on in
the individual's Being and/or universe (all that is connected with the individual).
Consciously, the individual might not realize that such a disharmonious
affection is going on.

Thus it is critical, vital, for the individual that wants to help others to check for
his/her congruence (harmony) with his/her intentions:
Am I congruent with this talent that I manifest, or ideas that come to my mind?
Am I congruent with using this talent, or ideas, to help others?
Do I have enough energy*, answers*, and support* to use this talent, or ideas,
to help others?
Are Divine Loves (Gods) congruent with all this?
And if the answer to the questions above is yes, then it is helpful
to have answers to:
I'm thinking about helping this ...... way.   Is this the best, the most congruent
way for I to use my talent, or to put my ideas into action?
If not, then finding out what the best, the most congruent way is helps keep
things safe and truly helpful.
*Note: energy means your internal energy, which takes into account much
more than just calories from food; answers and support refer
to internal ones from your higher Selves, Divine Loves (Gods),
and other loving Beings.

The way to check the congruence, and answers to the questions above is via
Neuro-Emotional Technique that is performed by specially trained doctors.
Even if one had to travel a distance to see such a practitioner it would be
very well worth it, as trying to help in an incongruent way may lead to poor
health and cause more problems than resolve.

The famous saying "The way to hell is paved with good intentions." is very
true when those good intentions are not congruent with Divine Love.
The danger of offering an incongruent help is of spreading the negative
affection through the "help", and thus causing more problems for the recipients
and givers of the help.   In more extreme cases this may result in
a spiritual/energy collapse, and it may even take lifetimes (incarnations)
to recover from that.
Even for individuals who are positive and loving the danger is of getting
hit by negative energies of the help recipients and collapsing under all that
stress.   In addition, negative energies might try to bring down everyone
they can, in any way they can, and this Saviour Syndrome might be
one of the ways.
When it comes to helping others to live healthier lives, or to grow/evolve spiritually,
it is beneficial to be aware that true masters would not try to persuade anyone to
do anything, regardless of the potential benefits, as that is a sure ticket in getting
entangled in the negative issues affecting the students, and thus potentially falling
True masters would give hints or simply recommend in a detached way what would
be beneficial to the students and then leave it up to them.   If the students wouldn't
get the hints and ignore the recommendations, the true masters would stop teaching
such students.
So it is important to check, and keep on checking, congruence by using
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).

If you are one of those that want to help others, or you are already helping,
please be aware that your conscious feelings about your help are not reliable
indicators of the positiveness of the help, nor are the feelings that you might
interpret as coming from inside your Being.
This is because your ego, your false self, is involved in the interpreting and
so can easily distort true signals coming from your true Self and other loving
sources; plus/or you might be affected by something incongruent that you cannot
consciously detect that might distort your perception.
The most reliable way to check is by using NET.   As well, NET has the capability
of helping you resolve neuro-emotional issues** that you may be affected with,
and thus help keep you spiritually strong, healthy (again, you may not be
consciously aware of such affections until a problem manifests in the physical
world, whether through a pain, discomfort, illness, or an accident).
Chiropractic is vital in supporting your nervous system, as well, so you can
handle all the helping more easily.
**Note: Neuro-emotional blocks (issues) are the results of stuff that happens
at all levels of your life (conscious, subconscious, super-conscious) that you
cannot deal with due to lack of energy, answers, or support.   These blocks
accumulate in the body/energy system, prevent life energy from flowing
properly, and are the underlying cause of pains, discomforts, health conditions,
illnesses, even accidents and lack of awareness.   Usually people are not
consciously aware of the blocks until an unhealthy condition develops.

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