Scripts in Unconscious Mind

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What a person believes in can and does make it to the person's
unconscious mind as a script/program that then influences the person's
experiences, sometimes very profoundly.   There can be tens, hundreds,
thousands of these scripts accumulated over the many incarnations,
running in the unconscious until they get dissolved via understanding,
prayer, Divine help, NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique).   This can take
many incarnations.   When many people hold such beliefs,
the scripts/programs make it to the collective unconscious, from
where they can profoundly influence lives of unaware people,
of masses.
All these unconscious scripts/programs are mostly
non-integrous (negative), and they can and do contribute to human
suffering.   As enlightened masters say, all beliefs are ultimately
false; to evolve spiritually (especially to the advanced levels),
all beliefs have to be surrendered to God (let go of).
Some examples of unconscious scripts/programs:
- one is to fear God/Angels
- pain and suffering are necessary to avoid going to hell
- bigger and more powerful is better (houses, cars, motorcycles)
- little bit of "this" won't hurt you
- everything in moderation is OK
- loud pipes save lives
- one will be judged by God or some heavenly entity

Dr. David Hawkins clearly showed that God is not harmonious
with pain and suffering.   God is harmonious with understanding,
compassion, forgiveness, love, joy, bliss, happiness, peace.

Dr. David Hawkins gave an example of prayer - the format of it - as:
"To Thee O Lord...".   For example:
"To Thee O Lord I give my thanks for protection from..."

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