Spiritual Massage

It is extremely beneficial for the body to be gently tapped everywhere,
especially the front and back of the trunk, the neck, the head and the feet.
The best, and the most enjoyable, way of doing that is to use water.
Many new shower heads use very little water, yet they produce fairly
strong streams of water.   They also have several settings, from a gentle
rain to several strong jets of water.   All these settings are good to explore.
Letting the jets of water massage the body, for as long as it takes, helps
the body release stored energies and helps the nervous system to adjust
whatever it needs to adjust.   If you choose to do that, you might experience
shivers, sneezing, coughing, burping, or other things.   These are all good
signs that it is working.
Also, all males will surely enjoy the strong jets of water massaging their
private parts - guaranteed to make an opera singer out of every male -
and maybe even a wall-climber.

Note: it is also beneficial to use a good quality water filter for your
         shower to reduce chlorine.

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