Swaddling Bands

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Your body's nervous system is designed to guide you in healing.
It automatically knows how to achieve good health, when it is
allowed to do its job undisturbed.

There are some things that prevent your nervous system from
doing its job properly, in effect putting swaddling bands around
your Being.   In other words, some things are toxic to you and
may prevent you from healing and making loving, healthy choices.

The purpose of this page is to focus on some of the worst toxic
substances that people come into contact with most offten (to
list every toxic substance would take many pages and they
can be looked up elsewhere).  

It is important to avoid these toxins in any quantity.   Even small
amounts may cause trouble.

Below are listed the worst offenders that should be avoided in
any quantity:

pork (any food made of pigs)
refined sugar
wheat flour
drugs (legal and illegal)
coca cola

Of course, this is not the complete list: these are the worst ones.
Out of this list by far the worst ones are mercury and alcohol.
They both disrupt the nervous system and cut if off from Divine
Love in the most hideous way, and are difficult to get rid of -
even tiny amounts.
In the case of mercury, just its vibrations (close proximity) are
enough to send the nervous system out of control - no need
to inhale its vapors or eat it (for example in tuna fish or through
mercury tooth fillings).
One of the worst sources of mercury poisoning is through
amalgams (mercury tooth fillings).   It is so important to get rid of
all amalgams - even one is way too much.   After an amalgam
removal it is vital to detoxify the body using natural, body-friendly
detoxification, as directed by a qualified naturopath.

Remember, it is your nervous system that connects you with
Love of Loves, Mother Love and Father Love.   If it is prevented
from functioning properly, your connection with Loves is affected.
A powerful way, and the one that is fully supported by Father
Love, to heal and maintain the nervous system is the combination
of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA - advanced form of chiropractic)
and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).   The Internet may be
used to find more information on these natural techniques and
to find the practitioners (doctors).   There are doctors of chiropractic
that perform both techniques and that is the best way, as they
are synergistic.
For other ways of protecting, and healing, your nervous system,
please, see the following page, " Spiritual Self-defence ".

To wrap it up: in order to be in a loving connection with Love of
Loves, Mother Love and Father Love, it is vital to keep the nervous
system in a good, healthy, shape.   To do this one must avoid
poisoning the body with toxins, properly nourish and hydrate it,
and maintain a healthy spine with the help of Network Spinal
Analysis (though the conventional chiropractic may be helpful,
as well).   Neuro-Emotional Technique helps locate problems
in the body and helps find out how to deal with them.

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