Spiritual Self-defense

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By Divine Love's design, we are equipped with a powerful protection
field made of Love energy.
This is how it works:   we have more than just one, physical, body -
we have nine bodies, starting from the " solid " Physical body, up to
the highest Light body.   (In other words, our body consists of nine
energy bodies.)   We also have seven energy points, incorrectly
called " energy centers " (chakras).   These are not in the Physical body.
Each of the seven higher bodies, from the Emotional body to the Light
body, has one energy point (the Physical body and the Mental body
don't have one).   For example, the Light body has the crown energy
point, the Causal body has the "third eye" energy point,...., and the
Emotional body has the root energy point at the base of the spine.

When it all works as designed by Divine Love, the Love energy flows
from the soul to the crown energy point in the Light body and down to
the root energy point in the Emotional body.   From there it comes
back up through all the energy points to the soul (you might know
this Love energy flow under the name " kundalini energy " ).
This natural flow of Love energy, resulting in connection of all the
energy points, generates a powerful Love energy field that protects
against virtually all energy attacks.   Of course, protection is not
the only reason for this field, there are also:
healing; rejuvenation of all the bodies; this Love energy may be
sent out to heal others; and others.

Because of unloving things that were going on even before the first
incarnation, this natural Love energy flow has been negatively
affected, resulting in the " seven energy centers " and the loss of
the Love field.
This, of course, immediately brings the question, " well, then how do
I get it working properly again? "
The answer is, " through good health " , namely healthy nervous system.
To be more specific:   by honoring your body and energy system by
not over-stressing them by too much exercise (or the lack of);
supplying your body with all the needed nutrients; hydrating properly;
avoiding toxins; avoiding other sources of negativities (media, movies,
TV, and other sources of un-intelligent entertainment - a good guidance
is asking, " could I imagine Jesus doing/watching/playing/listening to/
participating in that? "   If the honest answer is " no " , then the " thing "
is not worth of pursuing); regular and frequent chiropractic adjustments
(Network Spinal Analysis* - an advanced form of chiropractic is preferred);
undertaking Neuro-Emotional Technique* (NET) work (also performed by
some chiropractors and other doctors); anointing your head with oil (see
the page " Be In Touch "); proper, deep breathing into the belly (instead of
the shallow chest breathing); regular, daily, deep, silent meditations.

* Note: Network Spinal Analysis and NET are synergistic, and are critical
for achieving good health.

When all of that comes together harmoniously, you will start making
better, more loving, choices in your life, and new loving ways will
start opening to you...

OK, that's nice, and what about in the meantime?
That's when the Love Prayer comes in.   It was designed by Love of Loves
to protect us.   It is vital to say the prayer in the morning after you wake up,
and in the evening before you go to bed.   Please, see the page
" Love Prayer ".

About energy attacks

As mentioned above, the Love Prayer protects us ... from energy attacks.
Huh?   An energy attack is when some poor or negative energy (whether
an object or a person) tries to influence us negatively - to control us in
some unloving way.   One of the worst energy attacks is soul to soul
connection through a direct eye contact.   Everyone knows the saying
that " the eyes are windows of the soul " .   That is true, though in much
deeper sense than most people might consciously realize.   When you
make a direct eye contact with someone, you are directly connecting
with his/her soul.   When that person's soul (or yours) has a good, loving,
energy and intentions, it's all nice and pleasant.   However, if one of the
souls has unloving, negative, controlling intentions ... ouch, ouch, ouch.

This is how negativity, unlovingness, started propagating before the first
.   It took a single evil soul to bring down another, good, soul
through an evil-intended direct eye-to-eye contact, and enslave the soul,
and from then it started propagating and snowballing into a big mess ...
and two trillion years later we are still recovering from that.

This Love Prayer protects us against that ... and more.

Here is another, very nice, prayer:
With the help of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother I am lifted up to Heaven.

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