Taking Shortcuts

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Taking shortcuts health-wise.

When a health problem prevents you from doing something, it is much
more intelligent to resolve the underlying issue, rather than taking
a shortcut and getting a superficial fix - addressing the symptom only.
For example, an athlete being affected by a knee problem.   Yes,
a trip to the surgeon may enable the athlete continue playing,
but at what cost?   What was the knee problem trying to tell the athlete?
Another example could be of cancer.   Yes, the patient can undergo
the super-toxic chemotherapy or radiation treatment that may poison
the cancerous cells out of his/her body, but at what cost?   Does anything
get really resolved?   The symptom might seem to be gone, but is the
underlying issue that affected the symptom resolved?
Yet another example, and the main focus of this article, is of infertility.
Yes, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, or adopting a child may
bring the desired goal (having a child), but at what cost?   Does the resulting
child truly benefit from that?

All physical symptoms ("bad" knee, cancer, infertility, etc.) have deep(er)
underlying sources.   In other words, that infertility is the body's
way of getting the person's attention that something needs healing.
If the affected individual addresses only the symptom and doesn't heal
the underlying source, the root issue is still there.
It is basically certain that the infertile individual is not ready to have
a child in a healthy, congruent, loving way.   That infertility is the body's
way of telling the person: "Hey, before you are ready for a child, take
care of this issue."
If the person takes a shortcut and "gets" a child without healing the underlying,
root issue, the child is brought into an unhealthy environment.   The child can
sense subconsciously that the caregiver is not in a healthy state, and that
can affect the child negatively.   In addition to that, if that caregiver's infertility
is affected by some negativeness emanating from the person, the child
is hit with it, as well.   On the surface the caregiver may look OK, but in
his/her subconscious something fishy may be going on.   A child brought
into such an unloving place would have to struggle not only with his/her
own issues, but also with the negativity coming from the caregiver.   How
can the child benefit from that?

If you doubt what is written above, consider the state of the world: is it
loving, healthy?   With all the cleverness of the mainstream medicine,
how is it possible?   It is (in big part) because people don't address,
don't heal, the root health issues.   People take shortcuts.   When children
are born into an unhealthy environment, how can they grow up healthy?
How can unhealthy people form a healthy society?   How can unhealthy
people be loving, peaceful?
Until fairly recently there was no reasonably accessible health care that
could reliably address the root health issues and thus help people
truly heal.   Now there is: it is called Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).
Doctors properly trained in NET can help their clients heal the underlying
issues, and thus restore proper energy flow = true good health.
When NET is combined with chiropractic, they form a synergetic powerhouse.
(This doesn't necessarily mean that every health issue can be quickly
and easily resolved; in some cases it may take a while, but the important
thing is that there is a way.)

When faced with a health challenge, such as infertility, it is vital
to find an NET practitioner and a chiropractor, and heal thyself (and thy Self)
before having children.   It is important to be patient, as the healing
may take a while.   And even if the infertility, the symptom, cannot be
resolved completely, NET can help with revealing answers what the best
course of actions is.   Is it congruent to use medicine or in vitro fertilization
or something else?   Is it congruent to adopt a child?   If so, what child
and from where?

The cost of taking shortcuts can be high: unhealthy people; struggling
society; low(er) energy.
The reward for using NET and chiropractic is truly better health, higher
energy, more light (the key is regularity and frequency; it would be foolish
to think that going to a chiropractor a couple of times or once in a longer
while can have significant contribution to one's health).   It is beneficial
to realize that getting sick takes time; when the symptom grabs your
conscious attention, it is very likely that it was created by a lengthy
chain of events.   The same for healing.   While it is possible to heal
something instantly, it is more likely the healing will take some time.
Of course, more things than just NET and chiropractic need to come together
for true healing.   This website is dedicated to providing answers that
are the universal basis of true healing, of true good health.

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