What shoes women shouldn't wear
  if they intend to be truly healthy.

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What shoes shouldn't women wear if they intend to be truly healthy?

For the purpose of this article the answer is: shoes with high heels*.
Raised heels shift the skeletal alignment, and also provide poor foot support/stability.
This is not beneficial for the body.
When the spine is negatively affected (such as with improper skeletal alignment),
the nervous system is negatively affected.   When the nervous system is negatively
affected, the person is more open to diseases, accidents, affections by negative energies,
energy fragmentation, disconnection from Divine Loves (Gods).
In addition, the feet have many acupuncture and acupressure points, and a meridian
(energy channel).   High-heel shoes force the feet into un-natural positions and thus
they distribute the body’s weight differently throughout the feet.   This negatively
affects the points and the meridian.
Is this a big deal?
Consciously we don’t understand how things affect us until a physical symptom
develops or until some gut feeling comes to us.   At what point of the affection this
happens is unknown to our conscious minds.   Just because a woman wears high heels
most of her life and feels OK doesn’t mean there is no affection.   It just means
the affection hasn’t surfaced to the conscious level or the person is not aware enough
to realize that something going on in her life is a symptom of the affection.
Because there are so many potentially weakening things in our environment (pollution,
toxins, noise, EMFs, stress, junk food, etc), it is vital to eliminate all things that
weaken us as much as we can.

  If you are a woman that likes to wear high heels, or thinking about it, there is
an easy way of checking if you are congruent (in harmony) with that: you can visit
a doctor that performs Neuro-Emotional Technique
and check.  NET can quickly
and reliably tell you if your body is OK with high-heel shoes or not.   If you don’t
have access to an NET practitioner, even a chiropractor can help.

  The price for disrespecting one’s body can be high, and can affect the individual
beyond the current incarnation.
The reward for honouring the body benefits the individual beyond the current

  *Note: of course, this is not the only type of shoes that can negatively affect person’s
health; the intent of this article is to focus on high heels, because they are so widely used.

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