The Cross

The cross is a very positive symbol - it has very good energy
that helps protect against negative energies.

Many people might associate the cross with Christianity, as a symbol of Jesus'
crucifixion.   However, the cross (as a symbol) is much older than that.
It might have more meaning than just one, but the main meaning is as follows:

The horizontal line

The horizontal line symbolises the flow of time as we know it here on Earth.
Actually, the line should be a circle, a ring (see the explanation below).

The vertical line

The vertical line symbolises the evolution of the spirit. Symbolically, at
the bottom of the vertical line is a very low energy state (" hell ") and at the top
is the highest energy state (" Godhood ").

Where the two lines intersect, there is the Now, the present moment (this
particular cross shows the symbol of heart there).
Along the horizontal line is the flow of " Earth " time: past to the left of the
heart; present in the middle, where the heart is; future to the right of the heart.
In other words, the horizontal line symbolises the flow of material existence.

Along the vertical line is the flow of the spirit's evolution.   For the spirit there
is no past-present-future flow of time: there is only the Now.   In other words,
the vertical line symbolises your spiritual evolution.

Our goal is to evolve spiritually (as the spirits we actually are).

Every moment you make choices.   In a very simplified way, when you make
material choices (like buying stuff, making money, playing cards, etc) you
move along the horizontal (time) line; when you make spiritual choices (like
healing, meditating, loving, etc) you move up the vertical line.
People, whose intent is to evolve spiritually, want to move up along
the vertical line as much as possible.   People, who forgot their true nature
and imprisoned themselves in hogging material possession, move along
the horizontal " time " line in an endless circle, without moving up along
the vertical line.
Because we live in a material world, and need to buy material stuff and make
money, as well, our " Earth life path " resembles more of an upward spiral.
Of course, those that take the material possession hogging too far and
trample on people, may move down the vertical " spiritual evolution " line;
in other words, they may devolve spiritually.

As mentioned at the top of the page, the cross has a positive energy that can
help protecting against negative energies.   Having a cross (made of natural
material is preferable) in every room at home, and one on your body is

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