To What Heaven Do You Go?

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To what heaven do you go when your incarnation comes to the end?
What does it mean?   What keeps you motivated to go on evolving?

As Dr. David R. Hawkins reveals in the highly-energized book
"Discovery of the presence of God", the heavens exist from
the consciousness calibration level of 200 up.
(According to this scale what/who calibrates below 200 lacks
integrity, is negative; from 200 to 1000 [the highest energy level
possible for an incarnated entity on Earth] is a region of integrity;
the higher the number the more positive and loving the individual is -
for example, Christ and Buddha calibrated at 1000.   This energy scale
is only symbolic, of course.   It was revealed in the book "Power vs. Force".)

Life is a continuum.   Whatever energy level you attain to in your Earthly
life is the energy level you continue at when you go to "The Other Side",
the heaven.   So for example, if at the time of your Earthly death you
calibrate at 500, you continue to the heaven that resonates to the 500 level.

There is no negativity on The Other Side; at the same time each energy
level has its unique manifestations.
Using an analogy of a house: a house-heaven resonating to the lower energy
level of 200 would be very sparsely furnished, very basic, with simple
grass backyard; while the house-heaven resonating to 1000 energy level
would be like a richly decorated, very comfortable mansion, with beautiful
sprawling gardens.
It is this manifestation of heaven corresponding to your energy level
that keeps you motivated to keep on increasing your energy, to keep on
evolving, to keep on coming back to Earth to gain further understanding and
higher energy levels*.   Do you want to live in an austere house for ever,
or do you want to upgrade to a house more beautiful, more comfortable,
more inspiring?

Would you like to continue to the nicest-possible house-heaven after
your incarnation is over?   Then it is a must to address the basics of
true good health, as mentioned on this website.

*Note: there may be other motivators; at the same time what is written
in this article is valid.

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