The only two things you can take
                   with you after you die

There are only two things you can take with you after you die:
- energy
- understanding

Energy = you the soul, your true Self.   The more positively energized you are
the better it is for you.   The healthier your nervous system is, the more
energized you are.
Many things need to come together harmoniously for your nervous system
to be healthy.   Please, see the other pages of this website for more information
on true good health.

Understanding = experiencing knowledge.   Knowledge by itself is dry, static.
Experiencing the knowledge (that is understanding) makes it dynamic.
That's why you're here - to experience your knowledge, to understand.
For example, you can learn about every aspect of sex, you can read and listen to
first-hand experiences of sex, but unless you participate in sex you cannot
dynamically know, understand, how sex is.
This understanding doesn't have to be a direct experience, even though
a direct experience is better.   For example, directly participating in sex is better,
but directly witnessing sex can be sufficient for your understanding of it.
If you are in the same room as your friends having sex, and you feel the energy,
the atmosphere, you can understand how it is.

Everything the universe provides is for your understanding.
Your internal guidance, your intelligence, is there for you to go for
a higher and higher understanding.
The ultimate understanding is the understanding of who you are, and
how life works (about energy, how it flows, what is needed for the energy
to flow properly and manifest in its highest forms).
You are inside of you.
To understand who you are you need to naturally transcend what is outside
of you.   In this world that means coming to understand what the priorities are.
What is outside of you (other people and physical objects such as: cars; money;
drink; food; houses; cottages; other property; medicine; etc) are simply tools
to help you understand.   When you make icons out of the tools, your awareness gets
distracted from what really counts = you, and thus your energy flows outwards = you
waste it.
When you naturally transcend all this external stuff and use it only as a tool,
you are free to look inwards = directing your energy inwards = discovering, learning
who you truly are.
Note: "inside" and "outside" of you are just symbolic terms; in truth, there is no
"inside" and "outside" - there is wholeness.


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