A Note to Healers and Counselors

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You deal with individuals who need healing.
It most likely (though not necessarily) means that something of incongruence,
of low(er) energy needs to be harmonized = brought to a higher energy level.
In other words, you most likely deal with low(er) energies affecting your clients.
That is why it is critically important that you protect your own energy, that your
spiritual self-defences are up and running.
In symbolic terms it means recharging your battery, topping up the fuel tank,
keeping the car clean inside and outside, and driving with awareness to avoid accidents.

So how to protect your Self, your energy system, and your universe?
If you've read the pages of this website, you'd have a good idea on the basics of
how to do it.
A brief recap:
- Regular and frequent visits to a good chiropractor are a must.   That may be once or
  more times a week.
- Regular visits to a doctor who performs Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) are
  vitally important, as well.   NET can detect what's going on in the subconscious and
  can correct any incongruence (remember, you might be affected by your clients
  and you might not be consciously feeling it, until it manifests as some dis-ease;
  NET can detect such an affection before it manifests).   One source for finding
  an NET practitioner is through the website netmindbody.com
  Even if a practitioner would be some distance away from your place, it would be
  very well worth it to make a trip to him/her as often as you can afford.
- Avoid toxins (please, see the page Swaddling Bands)
- Detoxify, as guided by a qualified Naturopath, or by an NET practitioner (NET can
  help in finding out what the best course of detoxifying, or any healing, is for
  your body)
- Supply your body with the highest quality nutrients and supplements in
  the needed quantity (that can be revealed by NET), such as those made by
  RBC Life Sciences
- Hydrate a lot with good quality water (not chlorinated tap water) and natural juices
- Good rest, including regular silent meditations, is essential (please, see the page
  Meditate...or not?)
- Be aware, live with awareness
- Find out what your good and bad colours are, please see the page Your Colour
- Prayers are very important, please see the page Paying Respect.   The Love Prayer,
  on the page Love Prayer, is vital to your protection, as well
- The cross is a very positive symbol that helps protecting, please see the page
  The Cross
- For harmonizing electro-magnetic fields (generated not only by electrical devices,
  but by people, as well) you can use BIOPRO universal chips and BIOPRO BioLife
  Pendant.   It has been proven by NET and other real life experiences that these
  BIOPRO devices may and do render some frequencies harmless.   Please, be aware
  that some negative energies generate disharmonious frequencies to affect and control
  people.   Please, visit the BIOPRO website for more information about these
  helpful devices.

Please, be aware that it is vital to check your congruence even with positive protective
devices by using NET.   The reason is that you might have an neuro-emotional issue
that needs to be resolved before your energy system can positively use such a protective
device.   Without the hypothetical neuro-emotional issue being resolved, the positive
protective device can actually make you weak, not strong.   It's not that the device
would be bad by itself, but it's because your energy system might be burdened by
something that needs resolving.

If you are a doctor, I challenge you to undertake the Neuro-Emotional Technique
training.   NET is so important to regaining and maintaining true good health, and
has the capability to positively help with every aspect of living, at both the conscious
and subconscious levels.   NET is, and will be, one of the most important and beneficial
healthcare techniques, and its possibilities are limit-free.
Please, visit the website netmindbody.com.

For you, as the healer or practitioner, it is vitally important to be alert when dealing
with your clients, before- and after- wards.   If you feel tired, sleepy, weak,
that are sure signs of your energy being drained by something.   It maybe beneficial
to immediately stop whatever is going on, go somewhere else, or do something else.
A check with NET would reveal what was going on, and could help with finding
a way to avoid that situation again.
For example, if you're giving someone a massage and you start feeling sleepy,
it's very likely the individual you're massaging is sucking your energy, or affecting you
negatively somehow.   In that case immediately stopping the massage and staying
away from the individual would be beneficial, and seeing an NET practitioner asap
would help identify what was really going on, and correct it.
Another example, if you give some kind of counseling to your clients.   You are
expecting a client and you notice your hands shaking, which they normally don't do.
It is very likely that the client is either somehow negatively affecting you, or is affected
by some negativities and your nervous system knows it and is warning you.   Meeting
such a client would resolve in a negative affection of you.   Again, avoiding the client
and seeing an NET practitioner asap would greatly help to resolve the situation.

Remember, your energy is the only thing (along with understanding) that you can
take with you after your life is over here on Earth.   Without a congruent protection
(that is protection that your body, energy system, and spirit need) you may be
negatively affected even beyond this Earth life, so protecting and increasing your
energy level in a positive, loving, harmonious way is vital.

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