Visiting Other Countries

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It is very important to be cautious about visiting low-energy, negative, countries.
This low energy usually manifests as:
wide-spread poverty; wide-spread diseases; brutal police/military; famine;
injustice; weird laws; high mortality rate; strife within the society; civil wars; etc.

Dr, David R. Hawkins reveals some of the countries in the book "Truth vs Falsehood".
Examples of low-energy countries would be: most of the countries in Africa and Middle
East; some countries in Asia; some countries in the Caribbean; some Balkan (Europe)
countries.   Energetically/spiritually, this low-energiness can be seen or experienced
as a lack of light, low vibrations, heaviness, slowness, denseness, negativeness.
Symbolically (for the purpose of understanding how such an environment can be
challenging) all this can be seen as a pool of tar or molasses.   Not only moving through
such a sticky pool would be difficult, but the darkness of the tar or molasses would block
most (if not all) of the light so it would be hard to see where you're going.
If you don't have enough spiritual energy and higher guidance to safely handle such a
challenging place, you may get energetically/spiritually stuck.
This stuckness may manifest as a lack of spiritual progress (until a higher energy
frees you), fragmentation of your energy system, poor health of your nervous system,
disconnection from Divine Love.   All this may or may not manifest as a poor physical
health, pains, accidents, and other unpleasant occurrences.

Your conscious feeling about going to such negative countries is not a reliable
indicator of whether it's safe for you or not.   This is because your ego (false self)
is involved in interpreting your natural intuition and it can easily distort it.
The best way to tell if such a visit would be safe for you or not is to see a
doctor that performs Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and get tested.
Even if you would have to travel a fair distance to see such a doctor, it would
be worth it, as getting stuck spiritually may have consequences beyond your
current incarnation, and it may take even lifetimes (incarnations) to heal that.
If you already visited such countries, it would be well worth it to visit an NET
doctor and check your health.

Some people that visit low-energy countries report of having no outward problems.
Locals offer them shelter, food, drink, a lift, directions, entertainment, etc. for free.
Well, that may be, but being offered help by low-energy people in a low-energy
country is not of a true benefit to the traveller.   The traveller still has to deal with
the low energies.   Remember the biblical story of Adam and Eve accepting an apple
from the serpent?   What could possibly be wrong with a nice apple, eh?   While that
biblical story is symbolic, it points in the same direction as this article: dealing with
low energies, however pretty it may seem on the surface, is a recipe for problems,
unless one has enough energy and Divine guidance to handle that safely.
Of course, not all people in low-energy countries are necessarily negative.   That's
why it's important to check with NET, as mentioned above (before and after the visit).

Note: High-energy people can intuitively tell that going to such countries is not
         beneficial and naturally avoid them.   On the other hand, it is possible that
         an individual may have a spiritual job of going to such a low-energy country;
         that can be confirmed via Neuro-Emotional Technique, including how
         to take care of one's health while there.

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