Meaning of some Biblical Sayings

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Turn the other cheek

When someone approaches you with force, it's not worth to retaliate - you can't
win the game.
When you're on a spiritual/good-health path, and thus guided by intelligence,
you can't gain the upper hand force-wise as a retaliation (justified defense is
a different scenario).   Intelligence is very powerful, but weak when it comes
to force.   People using force are mind-based and ego-locked.   The mind is very
clever and cunning.   This cunningness enables them to come up with new ideas
on how to trump someone else's cunningness, someone else's force.   And because
they are ego-locked, they can't understand what they are doing, they can't learn
from the reaction of the other(s).
So if you, a spiritual or good-health seeker, get attacked by someone, it's not
worth trying to get even, gain the upper hand, or teach the attacker a lesson.
Your intelligence will not be able to come up with a "suitable" counter-attack.
If you try to use your mind to counter-attack, you strengthen the ego, get
entangled in negative karma, and can fall spiritually.   Thus it's better "to turn
the other cheek" = withdraw from/ignore the attack, when safely possible.
Of course, if the attack jeopardizes your safety (whether physical, emotional,
spiritual, financial, etc.), it's perfectly OK to defend yourself/your Self.
In the case of defending your safety the main differences are in your intent and
in the effect on the attacker.   You are not trying to get even (a negative, unloving
intent); you are defending yourself/your Self from harm (a positive, loving
intent) - in this case your intelligence can guide you towards the best solution,
the best defense.   When you employ justified, intelligence-led defense,
you are not sending the attacker negative energy, as you would in the case
of "getting even" (and thus not getting entangled in negative karma).

Note: examples of someone approaching you with force can be:
- an attempt to provoke you, to insult you, to draw you into a conflict,
    a challenge to fight, etc.

Then Jesus was carried away by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness
to be tempted by the devil:
...if you are the son of God, command these stones to become bread
...if you are the Son of God, throw yourself down (off a temple's pinnacle)
...all of these (kingdoms of the world) I will give to you if you fall down
and worship me

This wilderness doesn't refer to an area of nature, but it symbolically refers
to the dance of energies (aka "wilderness") that affect this world and
individuals.   There are positive (heavenly) energies, there are negative (evil)
energies, and everything in between.   Negative energies try to bring down
positive energies.   Christ was tempted by negative energies to turn away
from God, from his true Self.   These temptations can be very tricky, even
very subtle, and they try to awaken the individual's spiritual ego.
David R. Hawkins describes these (or at least some of these) temptations
in some of his books (I, Subjectivity and Reality; Discovery of the Presence of God).
Some of the tricks the spiritual ego or other negative energies can use are:
- thinking the spiritual seeker is better than others, is knowledgeable, has no ego,
    is invincible, is preferred by God or other heavenly Beings, is chosen over all others
- thinking that others need to be helped or saved or offered advice
- being hard on him/her self when something "goes wrong" or is not "good enough"
    or is not done in a way the spiritual seekers perceives as a "mature, suitable
    spiritual behaviour"
- trying to use spiritual gifts for one's selfish benefits (a simple example could be
    of trying to use a psychic gift to make someone do something)
- thinking that the spiritual seeker can get away with more (questionable
    intentions because he/she is higher evolved and thus can be "more forgiven")
- thinking the spiritual seeker is separate from the rest of Existence
- claiming his/her spiritual powers (psychic, healing, etc.) as his/her own
- fighting negative temptations
It is beneficial to be aware = to be centered, and to observe.   Thoughts, emotions
and feelings come and go.   You are not what you can observe, so what's
the point of getting entangled in something that is not you?   Also, the entire
Existence is a pretend-game of The Holy Spirit (to experience Itself).   That means
all manifestations, however they are experienced and perceived, ultimately
come from The Holy Spirit's "imagination".   What is the point of one part of
the imagination trying to gain dominance over another part of the imagination?
Fighting negative temptations is using the same stick as going along with
the negative temptations, just the opposite end of it.   It is much
more beneficial to either ignore the temptations, or perhaps to simply declare
"no", or "f... off", or ask for Divine Loves' (Gods') help.
(A simple rejection like that is different from fighting with the temptations.
A simple, detached rejection doesn't get one entangled in negative karma.)

Peter saying to Christ: "Even if every man should deny you, I will never deny you."
Christ telling Peter: "Before the cock crows, you will deny me three times."

Peter's statement symbolically refers to promises some people make to
live healthier lives, to stop smoking, to start exercising, to meditate, to be
more respectful, etc.   Yet some of them don't follow through.   When the time
comes to do that (eat healthy, go for a healthy walk, to forgive, to stop
smoking, etc.), they find some excuse.

A man sitting on the roof won't go back to his house.

A symbolic reference to the ascent of spiritual energy.
The spiritual student understands the body is only a temporary vessel,
and is not attached to it.
Also, to complete the ascent of kundalini energy through the chakras
(energy points), the (highest) crown chakra is harmonized and energized.
The crown chakra is not in the body, but slightly above it.
Also, enlightened individuals are not "in" the body, the way unenlightened
people are, and they have transcended this world - they don't come
back to this world to be incarnated again.

Christ saying:
"Do you think that I have come to bring peace on earth?   I say to you,
no, but divisions; for from henceforth there will be five in a house,
who will be divided, three against two, and two against three.
For a father will be divided against his son, and son against his father;
a mother against her daughter, and a daughter against her mother;...."

This is a symbolic reference to the energies within each individual, and
also the energy drama played amongst family members.
When Christ or God, that is Love, enters one's Being and true healing is
under way, the unhealthy issues within the individuals need to be resolved.
It could be looked at as Love showing the true colours of everything it
illuminates.   Symbolically, it divides the healthy/harmonious from the
unhealthy/disharmonious, and it resolves the unhealthy/disharmonious
issues.   They might be toxicity, energy fragmentation, negative intentions,
negative selves, other negative energies, etc.
Prior to this true healing the individual might think that he/she is OK,
but when Love enters him/her, this illusory "peace" is broken and
the divisions are brought out (they already existed, but Love highlights
them).   So the positive Selves and other positive energies against the negative
selves and other negative energies.   The positive Selves and energies
are for love, harmony, good health, Divine Loves (Gods), awareness; the negative
selves and other energies are against all those.

One of the ways looking at "five in a house...three against two...two against three"
can be considering the basic structure of Selves in an incarnated individual:
three positive Selves (Higher, Angelic, Godly) against two negative selves
(Lower, Satanic).   (In some individuals there can be a war waged by the
Lower and/or Satanic selves against the positive ones, resulting in poor
health of the person and/or a series of accidents and other unpleasant
occurrences.   True healing, as described on this website, helps end the war.)
Also, when the true healing is under way, not only the divisions within the
individual are illuminated and brought to the surface, but also divisions
within the person's family.   Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) helps reveal
the dramas that are played amongst family members, especially at the
subconscious level, and helps resolve them.   In toxic people it is common
that negative energies affecting the parents hammer their children
and vice versa.   Also the negative selves of husbands/wives can attack their

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength
They shall mount up with wings like eagles
They shall run and not be weary
They shall walk and not faint

This verse has been presented in different ways; for example:
But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength...
But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength...

Even though all these presentations are positive, they are not as energized
and revealing as they could be.   "Hope" is a mind concept that has no bases
in reality; in other words, "hope" is a projection of the mind. The love-tionary
shows "hope" = high on pee.   "Wating for" the Lord is nice, but again - it is projecting
something into the future.   Future is a pretended concept and has no bases in reality.
For the Lord there is no "future" (nor past), even though for our earthly lives it may
seem so.   People have been "waiting for" the Lord for ages and it hasn't gotten us
very far.

Let's have a look at a much higher-energized presentation of the verse.
"Shall" can mean "will" or "instruction or command" or "strong intention or assertion".
"Wait on" as a phrase means "serve, or tend to, or look after, or take care of".
The first line of the verse says "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength".
But those who serve the Lord are to renew their strength. "The Lord" can be substituted
with "God" or "Spirit" or "Love" or "Light", or even "the highest good" or "to be truly loving".
The line can be further re-written as: Those that intend to be truly loving have to renew
their strength.
" renew their strength."   What does it mean?   What renews your strength?
First let's put it this way:   what takes away your strength are the same things that weaken your
health.   Reading the other pages of this website will reveal many of them.   The worst are
toxicity, neuro-emotional blocks, negative intentions/thoughts, misaligned spine,
lack of needed nutrients, lack of rest/sleep, lack of needed exercise, affection with negative energies.
How to fix that?   In other words, how to renew your strength?   The universal foundation of good
is:   free of toxins - proper nutrition - chiropractic and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).
All the other aspects of good health spring from this universal foundation.
Neuro-emotional blocks occur when you encounter something that you cannot deal with
due to lack of energy and/or answers, at all levels of your Being.   The blocks can be seen
as stuck energy affecting your health.   They get recorded in your energy system until they are
cleared; there can be even thousands to millions of these blocks.   They restrict energy flow and
fragment the energy and nervous systems.   All this happens in your subconscious, so you may not
be aware of it until a physical symptom develops.   The above-mentioned NET helps reveal and clear
these blocks.   The importance of clearing the neuro-emotional blocks via the NET cannot be
overstated - it's completely critical to renewing your strength.

Those that intend to serve the highest good have to renew their strength.
Those that intend to serve the highest good have to keep on renewing their strength.
Those that renew their strength (as explained above) serve the highest good, serve the Lord.

When you renew your strength and serve the highest good, you are higher energized, "lighter";
your spirit moves faster and is stronger, like an eagle.   And when you keep on renewing
your strength (by being free of toxins/detoxifying, properly nourishing your self and Self, and
getting regular/frequent chiropractic and NET adjustments), you can exist in this world without
being weary and without fainting, and perhaps even to go beyond it = enlightenment (that's up to
But those who intend to serve the highest good have to keep on
addressing the universal foundation of good health;
Then they are quick and strong and they can be in this world
without being tired and without being weak and dizzy.

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