Whose Thoughts?

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Many thoughts may come to your mind.   Some might be good, positive; some
might be negative, destructive; some might be truly weird.
The question is: whose thoughts are they?

In a way, the mind could be symbolically shown as a projection screen.
You are aware of the pictures that are projected on the screen, but some
of the pictures might be coming from external projectors; that is from
outside of you.
That is why it is so important to live with awareness.   Within the scope
of this article it means to be aware of your thoughts, observe them,
and ignore those that are not congruent, compatible, with you; and to
remain detached from the thoughts.

Some people might be alarmed by having negative, destructive, weird, thoughts.
Obviously, such unloving thoughts are products of something that is out of
balance.   They might be products of some toxicity (or other imbalance) inside
of you, or they might be products of some negative, low, energy or entity
trying to influence you in an unloving way.
As long as you remain aware of the thoughts, remain detached from them,
you are OK.   Trouble might arise when you take ownership of the thoughts,
that is when you start acting upon them.   Whether it is by answering them
in your mind, fighting them, or physically acting upon them.

You can reduce or even eliminate unloving thoughts from your mind,
though it might take a while.   It is through good health that this freedom
happens.   The other pages of this website have more information on how to
heal.   I would like to stress the importance of chiropractic (especially
the advanced form - Network Spinal Analysis, NSA) and Neuro-Emotional
Technique, NET (www.netmindbody.com)
in this deep, internal, healing.
NET is designed to help free you from negativities.

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