You Are Loved

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Divine Loves (Gods) and other Love Beings love you very much,
regardless of what you think about your Self, regardless of what others
think about you, and regardless of what you have done.
So if you are loved so much, how come you cannot feel it?
Because you are not centered in you true Self, you are not aware, and also
because your connection with Divine Loves might be affected by your toxicity,
your energy system's fragmentation, and by negative energies.

At your conscious level you are entirely dependent on your five physical senses,
which are directed outwards, so you direct your awareness outwards.
To feel the love, to be aware of it, you need to direct your awareness inwards.
How successfully you are centered in your true Self depends on the state of your
Roadblocks to deep awareness of your true Self are:   busy mind; toxicity;
weakened and/or fragmented nervous system; energetic depletion; nutritional
depletion; dehydration; stressed body; neuro-emotional blocks in the body;
switched polarity of your energy system; out-of-shape spine.
Once you start healing, truly healing, you feel more and more relaxed, silent,
centered.   This deep silence, centeredness, comes naturally, automatically -
nothing is forced.   This is because it is your true nature; all that business of
your mind and lack of awareness are the result of unnatural, disharmonious,

An important tool for reclaiming your centeredness is the silent meditation
(please, see the page "Meditate...or not?").
Important tools for defragmenting and strengthening your nervous and
energy systems, and getting rid of negative energies, are chiropractic
(especially the advanced version called Network Spinal Analysis, NSA) and
Neuro-Emotional Technique, NET (, besides other tools
such as healthy eating, properly hydrating, detoxifying, praying, etc.
Please, see the other pages of this website for more information on healing.

As you heal, truly heal, you become more centered and you connect with Divine
Loves, thus you become aware of how much loved you are.

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