Birth and Death

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Understanding the general process of birth and death is important for
having a better understanding of our Selves.
Lots of foolishness has been going on because of lack of this understanding.

When the impending incarnation (life on Earth) is planned on The Other Side
(the home base of the soul - you) and everything is ready, you (the soul)
go to a dimension between The Other Side and the Earth world, where your
Godly Self and Father Love (Father God) create a Light body, the highest
energy body that exists when you are living on Earth* - you put on this "coat"
of the Light body.
You, the soul, program this Light body with the plan for the incarnation.   Also,
unresolved issues from previous incarnations are recorded in the Light body
by Father Love.   All this programming, recording, fragments the Light body
into the other six energy bodies.   At the end of this programming you, the soul,
lose conscious awareness.   Your conscious awareness is now with the lowest
energy body, that is with the Astral body.
Now you go to the physical body to incarnate.   When you are incarnated, you,
the soul, are not in the physical body, you are not around it - you are overlapping
it:   you are in the same time as the physical body, but in a different space, like
layers of paint in a painting.
Generally speaking, this incarnating happens minutes after the birth, though
the timing varies.   Before this actual incarnating the body (the baby) is
energetically supported by you, the soul, right from the conception (a remote
control support).   During this remote control support you develop the body
to suit your incarnation.
After you incarnate, your conscious awareness is with the lowest energy body,
the Mental body.
The two lowest energy bodies, Mental and Emotional, exist right from
the conception as manifestations of your energy support for the body.

At death, when the physical body is turned off, the two lowest energy bodies
are dissolved: the Mental and Emotional bodies.
You, the soul, clothed in the seven higher energy bodies go back to
the dimension between the Earth world and The Other Side, where you
undergo the life review conducted by your Godly Self (at this stage your
conscious awareness is with the Astral body).   The purpose of this life
review is to see what you have learned at this level of conscious
awareness, which affects your next incarnation.
Afterwards, the energy bodies are dissolved and the conscious awareness
returns to you as the soul.   You then go back to The Other Side, your
home base.   On The Other Side you review your incarnation again, with
your Godly Self.   Unresolved issues are then put aside for the next
incarnation.   It is your Godly Self who is in charge of deciding what
unresolved issues are to be transferred to the next incarnation; though
with some issues there is practically no other choice than having them
saved for the next incarnation.   Father Love, then, saves the issues
for the next incarnation.

The time of your death is determined in your incarnation plan, before
you incarnate.   However, if something negative happens that would
screw up things for you, your Godly Self can turn off the body at a different
time.   It is your Godly Self who holds the key to your body's ignition.
If you, as the soul, would like to leave (die) at a different time than originally
planned, and the reason why sounds good to your Godly Self, it can
Natural, high energy, death is via the heart being turned off.

About suicide
Suicide is an unplanned exit, one that is not congruent, compatible,
harmonious, with your higher Selves and Divine Loves (Gods).
It can happen when some negative energy and/or script gains the upper
When someone commits suicide, the individual goes through the same
death process as others who died in the planned, Divine Loves
congruent, way, except the individual will be presented with the same
type of scenario (that lead to the suicide) in one of the next incarnations.

The energy level you attain during an incarnation, during a life on Earth,
affects you, the soul, when you return to The Other Side, and it affects
your next incarnation.   The higher your energy level is, the better your
chance of having a positive, more abundant incarnation the next time.
When you reach a very high energy level, there is a good chance
that you won't need to incarnate again.
Your energy level is directly tied to your health, namely the health of
your nervous system.   It is the intent of this website to present answers
that are the universal bases of true healing, of true good health.

*Note:   please, see the page "Spiritual Self-defense" for more info on
the energy bodies.

Please, be aware that saying "your Godly Self", "your Angelic Self"
is practically inaccurate:   the word "your" denotes possessing;
in truth you don't possess the Godly and Angelic Selves.
The Godly Self possesses the Angelic Self and the Higher Self (the soul).
So more accurate term would be "the Godly Self of whom you are."
You, as the soul, are an individual expression of the Godly Self; also
the Angelic Self is an individual expression of the Godly Self.
However, it is all You, as the individual expression of the Holy Spirit.
So, please, don't think in terms of separateness - think in terms of
various levels of your whole Being and/or individual expressions of
your whole Being.

Note about enlightenment
Normally, the conscious awareness is with the lowest energy body,
as mentioned above.   When you are incarnated, living, on Earth,
your conscious awareness is thus with the Mental body (you're mental).
Englightenment is when the conscious awareness goes to the highest
energy body, the Light body (you're light).   The in-between energy
bodies are then dissolved.   This was the state of being of Christ,
of Osho.   To attain to that highest energy level you need to have
your nervous system in a good shape.   Silent meditations are vital,
as well (please, see the page "Meditate...or not?").

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