Possession by Possessions

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When we produce something, whether it's art, food, household products,
etc., we endow it with the quality of our energy.   In other words, products
of loving people are high-energy, helpful products; products of unloving,
depleted people are poor-energy products.

When we obtain somethinng (whether it's a gift or we purchase it),
we not only get a physical thing we can touch (smell, see, listen to,
taste), we also get a bundle of energies (that actually make up the thing)
that inherited its energetic quality from its maker.   Our nervous system
interacts with these bundles of energies.   If they are of high quality,
they help our nervous system = they help us and contribute to good
health.   If they are of poor quality, our nervous system has to fight
them = they don't help us and don't contribute to good health.

The outward appearance of the product doesn't necessarily convey
the true energetic quality.   A thing that appears to be nice, can have
a nasty energy.   On the other hand, it is true that ugly things cannot
have a good, positive energy.   Positive, healthy, loving people produce
nice and elegant energy-things.

The answers on other pages of this website give an idea on what makes
an individual positive and loving, or negative and unloving (for example,
the page " Crime and Healing ").

This is important to understand, because what we posses possesses us, as well.
If we fall for a poor-energy entertainment, or fill our living/working places with
poor-energy stuff, our spiritual self-defences get bogged down by trying
to compensate for the poor-energiness, redirecting our energy to fighting
these unloving things, instead of healing our body and keeping us
connected to Divine Loves.

Here are a few simplified examples of how a product can become poor-energy,
or good-energy:

- a singer produces nice songs - great melody, rhythm, and great text.
  However, the singer takes drugs (alcohol, marihuana, cocaine, pain/anxiety
  killers, etc).   The songs carry the energy of the drugs.   When someone
  listens to those songs, his/her nervous system gets hit with the negative
  energy of the drugs, and has to fight it.   This could be even disastrous for
  someone who is already energetically depleted, because in that case
  his/her nervous system doesn't have enough juice to fight the poor energy
  of the songs and gets supressed, resulting in poor health.

- a nutritional supplement maker looks for the highest quality raw materials.
  During the production of the supplements they are careful not to damage
  the quality of the supplements by exposure to damaging heat, air, and
  light.   They also use a quality conrol lab to closely monitor the resulting
  products.   Their intention is to make the highest quality nutritional
  supplements that are truly helpful.   Their products might be more
  expensive, but because they made them with care and good intention,
  their energy will be positive.

- a car manufacturer makes cars whose reliability is nothing special.
  The management of the company looks down at the employees.
  Their customer relations are nothing to brag about, either.   Inside of
  their cars, the feel of the materials is cheap.   Fit and finish are just
  so-so.   From all of the above, it's obvious, that their intentions are not
  positive.   That affects the quality of their cars = poor-energy cars.
  Everyone who buys, or even gets a ride in, one of those cars is
  exposed to the negative-energy environment of the car.

As you can see, it is the intent, the quality of the materials, and
the absence of toxins, that affect the energetic quality of the product.
The quality of the products can be checked by Neuro-Emotional
Technique (provided by NET trained doctors)
, or you can use
muscle-strength testing, as described in the book " Power vs. Force "
by David R. Hawkings.   Though one needs to be careful when using
muscle-strength testing alone, as some negative things may
switch the tester's polarity or may block him/her, thus falsify
the results.   NET practicioners are trained in detecting, and
correcting those.

By surrounding ourselves with good quality products, we help
our nervous system be stronger, and help it direct energy to other
healing issues.

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