Access to God

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God is everywhere, all the time; within Existence as a layer of infinite,
omnipresent power.   Existence is set up so each individual has to consciously
choose/accept this layer - to choose/accept God.   Depending on the maturity level of
the individual, the God layer, that is to say God's power, is accessed accordingly.
The higher the level of maturity, which is to say the higher the individual is energized,
the stronger the access to the God layer is.

People who refuse/deny God (verbally and/or through their actions), block their access
to the God layer, to God.   It is up to each individual to accept God.
Of course, God's preference is to be embraced/acknowledged, and for fully open
connection.   God is ever joyous to fully pour into each heart.
Of course, this is also valid for the souls of departed ones.
When a person dies and the soul moves to the Other Side, negativity
of this world is left behind, but the energy level of the person remains.
Thus the soul's access to/acceptance of God shapes the soul's understanding
of life and affects planning of the next incarnation.   For example,
a lower-energized soul may lack the answers to choose loving parents and
community for the next incarnation, while a high-energy soul has the answers
readily available, due to the much stronger connection with the God layer.

To increase your energy level for the fullest unity with God, true good
health principles have to be addressed, such as presented on this website.
The page Good Health Trinity is a good start.   Also, critically important
is to talk to God, as that is an indication of willingness to connect;
kind attitude towards others, life, and yourself is as non-verbal talk
with God, as well.   Eventually, verbal talking/asking/praying can be
dropped, when the person's whole life is as a loving prayer (healthy,
peaceful, joyful, compassionate, aware).

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