Artists Going Crazy

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A brilliant painter going mad.
A very gifted songwriter becoming alcoholic and indulging in
sexually explicit images.
A gifted actor falling for substance abuse.
Some gifted artists start behaving in self-destructive ways,
which is in sharp contrast to their amazing talent:
beautiful songs; breath-taking paintings; gravity-defying
dancing; great acting.   What's going on?

This can happen when there is a noticeable contrast between
the artist's consciousness level and the consciousness level
of the artistic talen they channel.   The artistic talant
may calibrate at much higher level than the artist him/her self.

This contrasty situation can contribute to a rift within
the artist:   the positive energy of the talent is pulling
the artist upwards, and the personal energy level of the artist
can't cope with it.   The talent is a gift from God.
Really great talent calibrates at least in the region of
love.   That's a powerful transformative energy.
The ego/false self of the artist can resist it as it threatens
its dominance, or it simply doesn't understand it, may be
afraid of it (fear of the unknown).
This internal struggle can lead to weird behaviour,
substance abuse, poor health, even madness.
A way to prevent this is to embrace the transformative
power of the energy of the talent, going with it.
Gift from God can only lead to lovingness, so there is
nothing to be afraid of.   Praying for Divine guidance
and help is also vital.

Another thing that can contribute to the artist's
self-destructive behaviour is that there are negative
energies that like to hit people with a projection of
pain and suffering of others, even of mankind.   Along with
it usually comes a negative suggestion to save the people,
to help them, or even to carry their burden.   All this
is rubbish and not congruent (harmonious) with the Divine.
A good defense against these negative projections is
the realization and acceptance that (as Dr. David Hawkins
taught) people are experiencing the karmic consequences
of their choices and actions.   Existence is just.
Divine justice is guaranteed by how Existence is set up.
There is nobody and nothing that needs saving.
Everyone without exception is experiencing the consequences
of his or her choices and actions not only in the current
life, but also over his/her many incarnations (the history
of mankind is full of wars and struggle).
The pain and suffering of so many people are the consequence
of the ego resisting/fighting the Divine.
Important is letting go of trying to save people and praying
for Divine help, protection, and guidance.

The best way to positively help people and the world
is to take a good care of your health, which includes
being loving, kind, positive, forgiving (even towards one's
self). Also, this includes staying away from alcohol, coffee,
smoking, drugs, and other toxins.
The page Good Health Trinity has more info on the basics of
good health.

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