Computer/video games and creativity

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Creativity is vital to a healthy, intelligent, and joyful life.   Especially for children, with their developing
nervous and energy systems.
Computer and video games are linear - they follow pre-programmed paths, regardless of
how complex they may be. Creativity is multi-dimensional, pathless, boundless, unpredictable,
intelligent.   Creativity is a manifestation of intelligence; intelligence is a manifestation of the Spirit,
of Divine Love.   For following the programmed paths, regardless of their complexity, intelligence
is not needed - only smartness (intellect) (and with some computer/video games even smartness
is not needed ).   Intelligence and smartness are not the same thing.
When children play computer or video games, their brains are exposed to limited ways
of doing things, limited paths/possibilities, and not queuing their intelligence.
Brains develop according to what they are exposed to.
Thus, a child that is exposed to computer/video games can develop into an unintelligent person
with little or no creativity.
In addition to all of the above, most computer and video games have low energy that contributes
negatively to the spiritual development of the child; this could go even as far as cutting the child
off from the source of life: Divine Love.
It is the best for children to stay away from playing computer and video games, and presenting
them with ways of exercising their creativity (for example, a simple cardboard box, a ball
or a piece of rope).
For a child that has been exposed to computer/video games, it would be very beneficial to
visit a doctor that uses Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and get adjusted (NET can detect
negative affections at all levels and help resolve them).
In addition to NET, regular and frequent chiropractic adjustments are vital to maintaining good

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