Taking on human suffering

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During a person's spiritual growth there may come an idea, a temptation, to help
alleviate human suffering by voluntarily accepting some of it - helping to carry
the burden, the cross, so to speak.
This is a trap, and if the intention is to continue growing spiritually, it should be ignored.
By buying into this idea/temptation, you can get spiritually stuck or even fall.
This trap is revealed when you realize that human suffering comes out of lack of
Light/Love.   Why to carry this lack of Light/Love, when it is simply dispelled by
the presence of Light/Love?   When you enter a dark room with a candle, the candle
doesn't pile up the darkness upon itself, it simply dispels it.   If a snowplow would
want to clear a road full of snow by piling the snow upon itself, it wouldn't get very
far - soon it would get stuck and maybe even break down; the snowplow simply
pushes the snow aside.   If you would like to clean your muddy shoes by throwing
more mud on you, nothing would get cleaned; you'd simply rinse the mud off the
In order for you to have enough Light/Love to dispel darkness, your
nervous/energy system needs to be in top shape.
This website is dedicated to revealing answers (information) on how to
accomplish that.   The page Good Health Trinity is a good start.

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