Eating Meat and Killing

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Red meat is the best natural source of heme iron.
Heme iron is vital for the body to bind oxygen to the red blood cells.

While poultry and fish also contain heme iron, it's in much lower quantities, as
heme iron comes from the blood, and poultry and fish don't have as much of it
as red meat.

Human-made heme iron substitutes are not preferred by the body, because
energetically (and everything is energy) they are not the same as true natural
sources of heme iron = red meat.

Can an individual attain the highest energy level, be spiritually fully congruent with
Divine Loves (Gods), be enlightened even though he/she IS NOT eating red meat?


Can an individual attain the highest energy level, be spiritually fully congruent
with Divine Loves (Gods), be enlightened even though he/she IS eating red meat?


Can eating red meat retard spiritual growth, be in the way of enlightenment*?

Yes.   When: the meat is affected by unnatural chemicals, such as hormones,
antibiotics, chemicals from fertilizers; overindulgence; eating red meat after
about the middle age (though the age threshold is difficult to generalize - the best
is to check by using Neuro-Emotional Technique, NET), though continuing
to eat the liver is OK (this is because the younger body is OK handling the lower
energy of the red meat, while the older body prefers not to deal with the lower energy;
liver is a higher energy meat).

Can NOT eating red meat retard spiritual growth, be in the way of enlightenment*?

Yes.   When: the body is negatively affected by a lack of heme iron; the individual is
energetically and nutritionally depleted (meat has lots of energy, and is a good source
of protein).

Can eating red meat make an individual more aggressive?

Yes.   When: the individual is in a negative state of being, then pumping more
lower energy food into him/her would add to his/her negativeness; the meat
is affected by toxins, such as hormones, antibiotics, chemicals from fertilizers.

Can a positive individual be made aggressive by eating natural (free of chemicals)
red meat?


What is the best source of heme iron?

The liver.

What red meat is OK to eat?

Beef and lamb are the best, and the easiest, to buy.
When possible, buy organic or naturally raised.

Is there some source of red meat that is important to avoid?

Yes.   Pork, and anything made of pigs (pigs contain parasites, both
physical and spiritual parasites, that can cause a havoc in an individual,
and are difficult to get rid of; even good cooking might not kill all the physical
parasites, and definitely not the spiritual parasites).

Do poultry and fish have higher energy than red meat?


So when poultry and fish have higher energy than red meat, it's better
to eat these to get the required amount of heme iron, right?

It depends on how much heme iron your body needs.   Remember, heme
iron comes from the blood, so if you don't see much blood in your meat
(poultry and fish), you're not getting much heme iron.
The best is to see an NET practitioner and check what your body prefers,
how much, and how often (

Isn't killing animals wrong?

Not when it is for needed food.   It is how you treat the animals that is important.
The animals should be raised naturally (free movement, daylight, natural feed,
no chemicals, cared for by positive individuals).   When it is time to kill the animal
it should be done in a Divine Love congruent way: there is an electronic device
that can put the animal to sleep completely peacefully, and then the animal can be
killed.   This device still needs to be manifested in this physical world, however.
There are many individuals on Earth that can "invent" the device right now, but these
engineers need to look this way.

Is hunting OK (as in congruent with Divine Loves and your higher Selves)?

Hunting for needed food is OK, however the tools that are used in hunting in the world
are not congruent with higher levels of the spirit.   Hunting weapons (well, all weapons)
are low energy things, and are linked to low energies in the subconscious world.
Congruent way of hunting is by using the electronic device mentioned above - that
way there is no suffering.

OK, so what do we do until the electronic device is invented, as right now the only
tools that we have for hunting and killing animals for food are low energy tools?

Do all you can to keep your energy up, addressing all the aspects of true good health,
as mentioned on this website.   Also, write the Love Prayer on a small piece of paper
and attach it to each of your hunting weapons, plus put the BIOPRO Universal Chip
on each weapon, as well.   The Love Prayer has the highest energy, and the BIOPRO
chips will help protect you from negative frequencies (energies) connected with
the weapons.
It is a good idea to find an NET practitioner ( and have him test you
not only with the weapons, but also with the prayer and the BIOPRO chips.
The reason is that you might have an neuro-emotional issue that needs to be resolved
before your energy system can positively use such protective devices.   Without
the hypothetical neuro-emotional issue being resolved, the positive protective devices
can actually make you weak, not strong.   It's not that the devices would be bad by
themselves, but it's because your energy system might be burdened by something
that needs resolving.

Are sport hunting and fishing OK (as in congruent with Divine Loves and your
higher Selves)?

No, they are not.

One of the purposes of this article is to show that avoiding eating meat can be
actually bad for the individual.   Some people reject eating meat and accept
vegetarian or vegan diet without really understanding what they are doing.
Some of these individuals say they do it because killing life (animals) is wrong.
On whose authority they say that?   The process of eating food is basically killing.
Even though vegetables generally don't run around and make sounds (as animals
do), they too have a consciousness (though at a different level than animals), and
when you harvest and eat them you kill them, as well.   The human body has certain
requirements that need to be met for it to be healthy, and one of them is to be
properly nourished with the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities.   Failing
to do so may affect your energy level, and thus affect every aspect of your life
on many levels, including your spiritual evolvement.
If you want to be truly healthy and evolve spiritually, then the guiding principles
of your life should be based on what is congruent with you and Divine Loves (Gods),
and not what somebody says regardless of how good it sounds on the surface.
To find out what is congruent with you and Divine Loves, the best is to use
Neuro-Emotional Technique, NET (to find practitioners:
It is also possible to use muscle-strength testing as explained in the book
"Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins.   Please, be aware that this
muscle-strength testing might not be as accurate as NET, because if your
energy system is blocked, switched, or affected by negativities, you may
get wrong answers.   NET practitioners (doctors) know how to test for this
and resolve it, thus NET is more reliable.

*Note:   by "being in the way of enlightenment" is meant the following:
when the body is short on nutrients, fed things that it doesn't "like",
or forced to do things that are not harmonious with it (like under or
over exercising), it contributes to stress in the body, emotions get
generated and recorded in the body; as a consequence life energy doesn't flow
as smoothly through the body-system and the mind gets more busy.
This can present a further challenge to peace and meditativeness
on the path to enlightenment.   The path to enlightenment can be
challenging enough without these extra added challenges.   It's like
trying to listen to classical music by a busy airport; it can be done,
but the loud noises from the jet engines make it more challenging.

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