What is the Mind?

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Your mind is a "piece" of your individual consciousness, that has been created
by scripts, created by Love of Loves (God of Gods) and Father Love (Father God)
[How did it come to this?].   You can think of the veil that separates your mind
from the rest of your individual consciousness as an one-way mirror.
Your higher Selves can see through the mirror into your mind, but the mind cannot
see back.   Thus, by its natural design, there is a natural tendency for your mind to
think it is alone and separate.
This natural tendency of your mind to think it is separate is the seed of your false self,
of the ego.   Whether and how this false self, this ego, evolves depends mainly on
the level of your spiritual evolvement (you as the soul).   The higher you, the soul,
are evolved, the stronger is your internal pull towards transcending, or dissolving,
the veil - and thus transcending, dissolving, your false self, your ego.   Another labels
for this internal pull are internal guidance, and intelligence.
The transcendence, dissolution, of the mind, of the false self, of the ego,
is called enlightenment.
Even Christ, as the highest evolved soul, had to transcend the mind (please, see
the page Christ and the Bible).

Another important factor in how the mind evolves right from the birth is the attitude
of the parents. Please, see the page Blessed Is The Child.

So now you can understand two things: the "birth" of your mind was inevitable;
your intelligence (your internal guidance) is there to guide you to transcend the mind.
However, not only is there a pull by your intelligence to free your Self from your
mind, from your ego, but there is also pull from the unloving part of the world
to strengthen your mind, your ego.   This is because as long as you live as a false
self, you can be controlled and ruled.   David R. Hawkins reveals in his
highly-energized book "Eye of the I" that the mind is not capable of discerning
truth from falsehood
.   Well, if you cannot tell what is true and what is false,
how can you make positive, loving, congruent choices?   To transcend the mind,
to be truly healthy, to be enlightened, you need to make positive, loving, congruent
choices.   Remember: even though your intelligence is immensely powerful,
it is soft and gentle; even though the unloving, controlling entities have no power,
they might have lots of force, and force is coarse and rough; if you accept the force,
your intelligence gets suppressed and becomes unavailable to you, until you
choose to follow it (the intelligence).   In the case of too much intelligence-suppression
you might need help with clearing up all the coarseness and roughness until
your intelligence comes through again (this help is available through
Neuro-Emotional Technique, netmindbody.com, and chiropractic [especially
the advanced chiropractic called "Network Spinal Analysis"]).
A helpful analogy is that of grass and an asphalt road.   Grass is soft and gentle, yet
so powerful it can break through asphalt.   However, if more and more layers of
asphalt are laid down, it is too much for the grass.   To get back to the grass,
somebody needs to come and scrape the levels of asphalt off.   Once that's done,
the grass returns to growing and striving.

How well your intelligence is coming through, guiding you, is dependent on
the state of your nervous system.   The healthier your nervous system is,
the more internal guidance is available to you.   Many things need to come
together for your nervous system to be healthy.   Please, see the other
pages of this website for more info.

Note: your mind is neither in your brain, nor your brain.   Your mind is a "piece"
of your individual consciousness that interacts with your body and with the physical
world through your brain.

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