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Entertainment is important.

For the entertainment to be beneficial to you, it needs to be
harmonious with you.
Regardless of how you see your Self now, your true nature is
loving, peaceful.   That means that for the entertainment
to be beneficial to you, it needs to be harmonious with "loving" and

When you play video/computer games, watch TV and movies, play
physically with your friends, etc, you basically use concepts for your
entertainment.   Those concepts carry certain, real energy; when
that energy is not in tune with your true nature (loving, peaceful),
it creates disharmony in your energy system, and thus it weakens you
(unless you are so highly energized that the out-of-tune energy
harmlessly bounces off you - but such highly energized people usually
stay away from disharmonious entertainment).
For example, if you play computer games that include killing and/or
other forms of destruction, you use the concept of violence for your
entertainment.   Even though the computer game is just a game,
its concept of violence is real, and carries real energy that is not harmonious
with love and peace, with your true nature.   Thus you get negatively
affected.   The results of that negative affection may be serious:
poor health; fragmentation of your energy and nervous systems; affection by
negative entities due to weakened spiritual self-defenses; disconnection from
Divine Loves (Gods); getting stuck energetically/spiritually, or even
devolving (falling spiritually).   How much you get affected depends on how
much spiritual energy you have - the more energized you are, the safer
you are.

With some forms of entertainment, it is fairly easy to discern whether
they are harmonious with love and peace or not.   For example:
computer games using destruction cannot be loving, peaceful; boxing
or UFC cannot be positive entertainment; fun, friendly wrestling with your
friend is harmonious with love and peace; a toy gun, tank, fighter jet,
soldier figures, cannot be beneficial to the child.

However, with some forms of entertainment it is not easy for the mind
to discern whether they are positive or negative.
For example: the movie "The Sound of Music" carries negative energy
(if you have it at home, it's good to throw it away asap); the movie "The Matrix "
is a positive movie, even though it shows violent scenes (it would probably
benefit even more from reducing the violent scenes).
That's why it's important to check the entertainment you consider
(including toys) with Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
(preferably), or with the muscle-strength testing (as described in the book
"Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins).
Even chiropractic may be able to help with testing things; for example,
if you're resting on the chiropractic table and the doctor puts the DVD
you want to test on your back, if you're not harmonious with it, your body
will react to it physically, which will manifest as one of your legs appearing
shorter (this assumes that before the test your body was balanced and
your legs appeared of the same length).

NET can also help you check whether you've been affected by whatever
entertainment you've been using, and help you resolve any such affections.

Chiropractic helps your nervous system flow properly, and be able to handle
challenging situations with more ease.

NET and chiropractic are synergistic, and vital for attaining and maintaining
good health.   Please, see the other pages of this website for more
info on healing and maintaining good health.

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