Intellectual vs. Intelligent World

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Intellect and intelligence are not the same thing.

Intellectual World
Its main characteristics is a lack of sufficient intelligence to control
the smartness in a beneficial way; one of the results is an inability
to learn from one's mistakes - thus the society (and its parts) repeat
the same boo-boos over and over.

Intellectual world is the manifestation of the mind.
The mind sees itself as separate from everyone and everything else,
and in order to ensure its survival it devises ways of accumulating
enough resources, and setting up protecting devices (rules,
retaliations when its rules are broken).   Because this mistaken
survival concept is not checked by intelligence (in Intellectual World),
it can get out of hand easily and even reach monstrous
proportions = hoarding stuff, controlling others at any cost, removing
perceived or real competitors with any means; this happens when
intellect is propelled by aggression.   This aggression is a manifestation
of all the things that go on in the person's universe (everything that is
connected with the person, especially at the subconscious level).
Actually, this aggression is also a result of lack of intelligence.
This aggression results in fight for survival.   Whether it's a CEO
of a multi-billion-dollar company subduing his/her opponents through
corporate politics, world leaders assassinating their opponents,
a parent punishing his/her child for failing to adhere to the arbitrary
rules erected by the parent, or an impoverished people fighting
over basic food, it's the same fight for survival (at different levels
of magnitude and basic necessity; it is more basic for a person
not to die of starvation than to be a CEO).

From all this it is obvious that the higher someone places in
the Intellectual World's society, the less intelligent he/she is.
Intelligence is substituted with structure; the less intelligence
there is, the more rigid and elaborate the structure is.
At the behavior level the structure manifests as morals, rules, dogmas,
and laws.
At the physical (doing) level the structure manifests as ceremonies,
rituals, uniforms, marching, orders, anthem playing, forced saluting
(as in military or when people are brainwashed to put their hands
on their hearts when an anthem is playing or a flag is being raised),
pledges of allegiance, obeying commands and orders (without
discerning whether they are loving or not), borders and other
forms of unnatural separation, castes, societies with unloving
intentions (many of them secret), punishments, etc.

Intellectual World may reach great levels of smartness:
great scientists; many diplomas; many doctorates; many
famous universities; many ooh-aahed prizes.
However, because Intellectual World is driven by the mind,
and the mind believes only what it can verify with the tools
at its hand, namely the five senses, it is limited to
thought concepts (conclusions, believes, findings) that spring
from such limited sources.   Taking into account that the mind
is unable to discern truth from falsehood (that's a kingdom of
intelligence), many of the thought concepts are bound to be
wrong, misleading.
Natural intelligent knowing is replaced with (sometime almost
endless) talking in search of the truth - this talking is known
as philosophy.

In the book "Power vs. Force" David R. Hawkins reveals
a map of consciousness - an energy calibration scale.
The scale goes from 0 to 1000.   The higher the number is, the more
energized, the more positive, the more loving, the more aligned with
Gods, the calibrated thing or individual is. 1000 is the highest level
an individual living on Earth can reach.   Christ calibrated at 1000.
From 0 to 200 is a destructive, "evil" region; from 700 to
1000 is a region of enlightment.   The region of love starts at 500.
Intellectual World can go only as high as 499 on the scale.
Intelligence is an aspect of love.   Thus Intelligent World starts at
the level of 500.   (All this energy calibration is symbolic only, of course.)

Intelligent World
Intelligent World is based on love.   As stated above, intelligence
is an aspect of love.   As the spirits we are, we already know what
needs to be known for harmonious, healthy, joyful, peaceful, abundant
living.   When we are highly energized, this natural knowing flows
through us (so to speak) and we manifest it as an abundant-for-everyone,
peaceful, safe, healthy world.

Intelligent World is spontaneous.   While certain things might need to
be planned ahead, we react to situations as they come with inner
knowing, motivated by love.   While mistakes can be made, they
wouldn't be as destructive, as "bad", as in Intellectual World.
Laws, regulations, morals, and punishments are not needed, as
we are "powered" by love (well, actually, we are love -
individual manifestations of Love).
Unnatural separations and divisions, such as borders, castes,
marriages, don't exist.   Ditto for evil stuff like taxes, military,
misleading education, etc.
People take and use only what they need, so there is no hoarding,
and thus there is enough for everyone everywhere.
Because loving people are connected with Divine Loves (Gods),
people are naturally guided towards what is the best for themselves
(in a harmonious, non-egocentric way); thus there is no problem
with inventing harmful things, using others, over-population, poor
health, etc., and people do what they enjoy doing and stuff is produced
in a manner, quantity, and quality that benefits everyone.
That is not to say there are no challenges.   That is not to say that
everything runs smoothly 100% of the time (unless perhaps
the world reaches the 1000 energy calibration level).   However,
the challenges are not as destructive, as fight-for-your-life, as they are
in Intellectual World.

So see your Self being in such an Intelligent World: being safe wherever
you go; having basic life necessities guaranteed (food, safe shelter, truly
supportive health care); being able to visit all places freely without licenses,
passports, borders; not worrying where you son/daughter is, whether he/she
is safe, well nourished; having no debts, and possibly not even any money;
knowing you can trust whomever you meet; the weather being moderate
and free of extremes and weirdness; etc.
Another aspect of Intelligent World is a lack of pests, of annoying bugs.
They are the manifestation of a low-energy world, and would disappear,
wouldn't be able to exist, in a high-energy world.
All this is not utopia; all this is a natural outcome of higher-to-highly
energized people.
How to get there?   Besides the necessary support and help from
Divine Loves (Gods) there is only one way - for you and everyone
else to fix their health and remain healthy.
When you start healing, integrating and elevating your energy,
you have a positive pull effect on everyone else, energizing
the whole world.   When enough people do it, a certain "critical mass",
the suction effect on the remaining lower-energy people is so strong
they basically have no choice but to "smarten up and heal".
It start with you.   As mentioned on other pages of this website, you
are partially and directly responsible for the state of this world.
So it's up to you.   If you want Intelligent World to manifest, you
need to take care of your health.   Much of it you can control and
affect consciously.   Please, see the other pages of this website
for more info on the universal foundation of healing and maintaining
good health.
A good start are pages:   Good Health Trinity;
Healing Prayers; Meditate...or not?

Note: In Intellectual World, between the energy calibration level of
0 to 200 there is so little intelligence, it's basically none.   Over the
level of 200 some intelligence starts trickling in, and becomes
stronger and stronger as the calibration nears the 499 level.
Once over 500, intelligence has the upper hand and controls
intellect; both are needed, but intelligence must be in control
for a loving result.   All this energy calibration is symbolic only, of course.

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