Extending Your Life

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Is it possible to extend your life?
Is it possible to eat or drink certain nutrients/products and extend
your life, as some companies/marketers/advertisers would like you to believe?

The date/time of the end of your incarnation ("death") is already set at birth.
So the "when" is already given.   The "how" may or may not be given.
That means that it is not possible to extend your life.
It is not a question of extending your life, it is a question of the quality
of your life: how do you want to spend your life?   Do you want to live
a healthy, active, happy, joyful life?   Or do you want to spend a part of
your life living in a wheel chair or a hospital being sick, in pain, in despair,
miserable?   All the choices you make right from your childhood contribute
to the quality of your life (there are also other contributors, such as karma,
affection by other energies/entities, etc.).
People who live incongruent (disharmonious) lives by ingesting toxins,
entertaining negative intentions/thoughts, stressing their bodies,
participating in unloving entertainment, not providing the necessary
nutrients to their bodies, not getting chiropractic adjustments, etc.,
may be setting up themselves for a rough ride health-wise, especially
as they get older.
There are many things that need to come together harmoniously for your
life to be healthy, happy, and fulfilling.   This website is dedicated to providing
answers (information) that are the universal bases of good health.
The page Good Health Trinity is a good start (though all pages of
this website are important).

Note: it is possible to terminate the incarnation (life on earth) before the
given death time, by committing suicide.   Suicide is an incongruent (disharmonious)
act that may occur when something negative affects the person.
When someone commits a suicide, the entity will be presented with a similar
scenario (that lead to the suicide) in a future incarnation to learn the lesson.

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