Health and Fitness

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Health and fitness are not the same thing.

It is possible for an individual to be healthy and not to be fit.
It is possible for an individual to be fit and not to be healthy.

Fitness relates to the physical body - the conditioning of the body; training
the body to be able to undertake intense physical loads.

Health relates to a state of the whole individual, the whole Being.
True good health could be defined as:
- absence of toxins
- having the biological terrain in a good shape
- proper skeletal alignment (basically healthy spine, proper posture)
- the nervous system working properly - being free of neuro-emotional blocks,
    thus having the life energy flowing properly at all levels
- having the body properly hydrated and nourished with all the needed nutrients
- being a whole, rather than a fragmented, Being (which is directly tied to
    the points above)
- being freely connected with the source of life (that is Divine Loves, Gods)

There are two ways to achieve fitness:
- working with the body
- working against the body

To neglect the health points (as listed above) and to work on being fit equates
to forcing the body do something the body doesn't want to do.   The body doesn't
like it.   If you are not healthy and decide to get fit, the body has no choice but
to follow your will; however, because you're working against your body
(instead of with it), the chances of injuries, accidents, and illnesses increase
a lot.   All this forced get-fit activity stresses your body in all ways (the nervous
system, the immune system, the organs, the spine) and drains it of energy
that is so vitally needed for proper body maintenance, spiritual activities,
including defending you against poor and negative energies in the subconscious

You, as the individual Being you are, have a certain amount of energy available
to you on the daily bases.   That energy comes primarily from
Divine Loves (Gods), food, and also from your surroundings.

At night, when your waking consciousness and body sleep, you go to Father
Love to recharge your energy.   How long you stay with Father Love, that is
how much you get recharged, depends on how overall positive an entity
you are: the more positive, constructive, you are, the longer you stay.

The importance of proper nourishment, healthy diet, is obvious - what you
put in becomes your body: garbage in = garbage out. Wholesome,
natural, foods and drink are essential to keep the body healthy and to have
enough energy on all levels: physical; mental; emotional; spiritual.
Poorly nourished body can affect your whole Being and thus can negatively
affect your spiritual growth.

From the page " Possession by Possessions " you now might undestand
the importance of surrounding your Self with good quality stuff.
Nature has higher energy than man-made things, that's why
it's important for city-folks to go out to nature and " soak in "
the good vibes.

Let's symbolically represent this amount of energy that's daily available to
you as a jug of water.   Now, let's represent the daily expenditure of energy
by three glasses: the first one is labeled " physical activities " (fitness, work);
the second one is labeled " body maintenance " (healing, digestion, sleep,
etc.); the third one is labeled " spiritual activities ".
Unless you are at the Christ level, the amount of water in the jug (that is
the available daily energy) is limited to a certain amount (again, how much
depends on your overall health, positiveness).
Ideally, each day you have enough water to fill up all three glasses.
However, many people are not healthy enough to be at such a high level.
So if your water jug is not full, now you have to decide how much water
you pour in what glass.   Common sense says that it's most important
to fill up the " spiritual activities " and " body maintenance " glasses.
That might mean limiting physical activities to a level your body is
comfortable with, for example taking an evening walk and that's it.
In this case, if you force your body to do physical activities it is not
comfortable with, that is filling up the " physical activities " glass,
you will run out of water for the " body maintenance " glass (= poor
health) and " spiritual activities " glass (= poor health, affected connection
with Divine Loves, not being able to do your heavenly job).

Naturally, your nervous system knows where the priorities lie and will
allocate water to the proper glasses in the best way possible, under
the given circumstances.   However, when you override that natural
intelligence with your will...poop might happen.

How do you tell if you have enough energy, if you are working with the body
or against it?   Your conscious feeling is not a reliable indicator.
Just because you feel good after a workout, jog, triathlon, football game, etc.,
doesn't mean much, because your ego is involved.
The best, and a very reliable, way of finding how much physical work your
body likes is to find a doctor that perform neuro-emotional technique (NET)
and have the doctor test you.   To find a practitioner, you can go to:     Another method is using muscle-strength testing,
as explained in the excellent (and highly recommended) book " Power vs.
Force " by David R. Hawkins.   However, one needs to be careful using
that method, as it is possible to receive false answers due to being
energetically switched, blocked, or affected by negative energies.

By working in harmony with the body you can achieve much better fitness,
and other, results.   It might take a while, because certain things might
need healing before your nervous system is free to allocate enough energy
for physical activities, but in the end it's worth it.   For spiritual growth
we need to protect our energy, to work in harmony with the body and all other
levels of existence.

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