How did it come to this?

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Why are we here on Earth?   Why is there so much struggle here?
Where do we come from?   Is it important to know the answers to these
(and similar) questions?   Yes, of course.   By knowing the truth, we
have an understanding of what is really going on.   By having that
understanding we know who we truly are, and how to end the struggle.

There is a loving dimension that some call " The Other Side " , or
" our true home ", where everybody lives in loving abundance and
everything is in harmony.
Love of Loves designed it so that Father Love and Mother Love
oversee everything, being helped by all the Angels, and other
Love Beings.   Because of all that negativity doesn't exist and all
Beings are connected to the flow of Divine Love that maintains
everything in harmony.

One peachy day Love of Loves came to Father Love and Mother
Love and said He was curious how things would unravel, what
would happen, if a disconnection from the flow of Divine Love
energy would occur.   Father Love and Mother Love agreed that
it would indeed be interesting to find out, and they set out
planning on how to go about it.   Also, all souls (Beings) agreed
to this.
So it would happen without bringing down the whole house,
certain measures were taken.   Mother Love was left out of this
plan, so Her energy would remain absolutely pure and able
at any time to recover everything.

The first stage of carrying out the plan was to create helpers for
Love of Loves, Mother Love, and Father Love.   The heavenly bulletin
boards showed job descriptions for the helpers...was anyone
interested?   Yes, of course, and so Angels were " born ".
The second stage was to create the physical dimension - the physical
Universe, at that stage un-populated.
The third stage was to do this and that to enable incarnations.
The fourth stage was to make the physical world function according to
the Divine Loves' design, thus starting the first incarnations on Earth.
At that time there was a paradise here on Earth, lasting thousands of
years, with the Angels maintaining everything in the top shape.
The fifth stage was to create a concept of a disconnected Being -
disconnected from the flow of Divine Love.   Love of Loves and Father
Love asked one of the Archangels to create such a Being,
at the archangel level.   Thus a disconnected, unloving being was " born ".
The sixth stage was to create an environment in which this disconnected,
unloving being could function.   Due to Mother and Father Loves' energies
being omnipresent, this environment couldn't exist without something
artificial being done.   The same Archangel was asked to create scripts
that would affect Father Love from circulating His Love energy through us -
all individuals living on Earth.   This resulted in emotions not being purged
naturally, and required a conscious effort of each individual.   This, in turn,
created a possibility of disconnection from Divine Love energy flow in
every individual.   This was the seed of " evil " in each individual.

Into this environment comes this disconnected, unloving being.
Because she is disconnected, thus lacking the right/wrong guidance,
she starts creating her own world, based on her own ideas of how
things should be, which turned out to be the opposite world of the
Divine Loves' one - an " evil " world.   She began creating her own
scripts on how to do things and gain control of other individuals.
She used the knowledge from "the trees of Life and Knowledge"
to her advantage, using it to enslave every individual who didn't
make the conscious effort to stay in the flow of Divine Love energy,
by listening to Divine Love's guidance.
Very quickly it snowballed into a big mess.   Those individuals
that became affected by this disconnected being began helping her
(though not through their free-will choice - please see the page
" Crime and Healing "), and (also) suppressing the truth about
Divine Loves and our true nature.
Several times this backward, disconnected, " evil ", living went too
far and Father Love had to reset the physical world, destroying
everything and we had to start anew.

Lately, very positive, loving, things have been happening in
the subconscious world, initiated mainly by Christ, leading us
out of these cycles of negativity and destruction.   Even though,
at the current time, it might not seem so from seeing the physical
world around us, the " forces of evil " are finished.
Of course, every individual needs to do his/her part by healing
himself/herself, as explained on the page " Peace and
", and all the other pages of this website.

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