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We, as the spiritual Beings we are, already know everything.
When we incarnate here on Earth, all the knowledge is kept behind
a veil in the subconscious, so the waking consciousness that
we name "John" or "Jane" is not aware of all that.   However, the veil
can be removed and we can become aware of our knowledge.
That is what education should be about - helping us, guiding us
to removing this veil.
This veil hasn't been placed there by Divine Loves.   In other words,
it is not by the godly design that it exists.   It was designed and
implemented by unloving beings in the subconscious world - please,
see the page " How did it come to this? "

It is possible to get rid of the veil and consciously reconnect with
the knowledge you already have.   It might take a while, even a long,
long, time (depending on the state of your nervous system), but it is
possible.   How?
By getting your nervous system working the way Divine Loves
designed it.   How to do that?   Please, see the answers on the page
"Holy Temple " (and other pages of this website, as well).
When we all, or at least most of us, start working on it, it creates
a huge healing energy field that speeds the healing up.

Why, then, is the education (state, private, religious) the un-loving
way it is now?   Because the people in charge have been sick,
fragmented, depleted, and disconnected from Divine Loves.
They have been controlled by other negative entities in
the subconscious world, that have no interest in people healing,
because that would be their end.
The good news is that there is a way out, and is actually simple.
Please, see the other pages of this website for more answers.

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