Two Of The Most Important Things
That Can Help A Dying Person

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What are two of the most important things that can help
a dying person?
They are chiropractic and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
Because they help restore/maintain proper life energy flow;
in another words, they help the person be more energized.

As you might know from this page, energy is one of
the only two things you can take with you to "The Other Side" when
you die (the other one is understanding).

So when a dying person receives these adjustments, his/her
energy is flowing better, is elevated.   This positively affects
his/her life on "The Other Side", and the following
incarnation(s) on Earth.   A higher-energized soul is more likely
to have a more peaceful, more abundant, more joyous, healthier,
incarnation, and is more likely to be born into a more loving family.
It's a win-win situation.

Besides the traditional "neck-cracking" chiropractic,
there is also a more advanced one called Network Spinal
Analysis (NSA)
NSA uses a light touch, mostly along the spine.   Both are
very good, though if you have a choice, NSA is better.

Both chiropractic and NET are great on their own, and together
they are synergistic.

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