Eating junk and processed food

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Junk food includes stuff such as: candy, chips, cakes, cookies, donuts,
ice creams, marshmallows, jell-O, puddings, chocolates, etc.

Processed food includes stuff such as: processed cheese, prepared
meals that you just warm up, salami, hot dogs, etc.

All of the junk food, and most of the processed food is poor-energy food.
As in poor spiritual energy food (not calories).   Everything in existence is
made of energy.   Each manifestation of this (spiritual) energy has some
energetic quality.   So it stands to reason that food, also a manifestation
of energy, has certain energetic quality.   The higher the quality is,
the better it supports life, good health.   Hand in hand with energetic
quality goes nutritional value - junk and processed food has no or
very low content of vitamins, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and minerals;
it is dead, empty food.

The energetic quality depends on the intent with which the product is
made, the quality of the materials used, the way it is made,
the positiveness of the entities (people, in the case of food) that make and
handle the product, the congruence of the product with Divine Loves (Gods),
its nutritional content, and possibly other things.

Let's have a closer look at junk food:

intent behind the product
What kind of intent can there be behind chips, candy, donuts, cakes, ice
creams, etc?   In other words, what kind of intent can there be behind
making nutritionally deficient food, with ingredients that are scientifically
proven to harm the body?   Not very good, eh?
OK, there might be some sweet stuff that is made with a positive intent,
but then it is made with wholesome natural ingredients, and usually
in small quantities, and it escapes the label "junk food"

quality of materials
Basically all of junk food is made with poor quality materials.
Mass-produced candy, chocolate, chips, donuts, cakes, oils, etc, are made
with ingredients that have been exposed to chemicals, including pesticides,
herbicides, preservatives, etc.

the way it is made
Junk food is cooked to death.   Refined this and that = devoid of nutrients,
and possibly (and probably) chemically altered to unnatural forms during
the refining processes, and also combined with preservatives, colors,
artificial sweeteners and flavors that shouldn't enter the human body.

positiveness of people
While some of the workers involved in making junk food might be OK,
the people who control the companies are not.   How can they be positive
when they make products that harm people?

congruence of the product with Divine Loves (Gods)
Food that doesn't contribute positively to good health is not congruent
with love, thus is not congruent with Divine Loves.   Gods are the
source of life and good health, so if something is not congruent with
them, you benefit from staying away from that product.

nutritional content
Junk food is pretty much dead, devoid of enzymes, vitamins, and
essential fatty acids (oils).   Minerals may survive processing to some
degree, but the question is in what quality.   Man-made nutrients added
back to the food are not as good as natural ones, the body might
not be able to use them, and might even have to remove them as

Let's have a closer look at processed food:

intent behind the product
While it is possible to have a positive intent while making prepared food,
then it is with good quality ingredients that are handled in such a way
that doesn't alter their wholesomeness.
Making processed food loaded with salt, sugar, wheat, unhealthy fats,
preservatives, etc, indicates negative intent, or simply non-thinking,
which indicates poor-energy people.   Either way it spells poor energy.

quality of materials
The same as junk food above.

the way it is made
The same as junk food above.
An anecdote from a company that makes processed cheese:
The phone technician that entered the plant to install some phones
reported the processed-cheese-in-making smelled like vomit.
The smell was really revolting to him.
Enough said.

positiveness of people + congruence with Divine Loves
The same as junk food above.

nutritional content
The same as junk food above.

What happens when junk food and/or processed food enter your
body?   Because they are poor energy, dead, nutritionally deficient
products, they stress your nervous and energy systems, and
might even collapse them.
They put a stress on your digestive and immune systems.   Both
systems have to fight the toxic (processed) ingredients, instead of
focusing on maintaining your body in a healthy shape.
The sweetness and acidity of the processed food might alter
your biological terrain, so instead of toxins getting out of your body,
they are re-absorbed back in, putting even more stress on your
whole body.   They might even affect your immune system to attack
your body.   All this may fragment your nervous and energy systems,
prevent your brain not only from communicating with the rest of the body,
but also preventing various centers within the brain from communicating
with each other.
Because they are usually loaded with salt, they may throw off the body's
sodium-potassium balance, which then affects every single cell in the body.
In children, they may affect their growth and development.
Both adults and children might get so stressed by all the toxicity
and poor energies that they become vulnerable to negative entities.
Both adults and children might become susceptible to negative
scripts; the scripts may start running within their energy systems,
bringing diseases, accidents, pains, etc.
Yes, there might be a heavy price to pay for eating junk and processed
How much it really affects you depends on the state of your health,
namely the state of your nervous system.   The healthier
you are = the more energized you are, the better you can resist
the negative affections.   However, energized people tend to
stay away from junk and processed food.   So if you
are attracted to junk and processed food, you have some
healing to do.   Please, see the page Good Health Trinity
for the universal foundation of good health, of healing.

What do you think would happen to a lion, a tiger, a monkey,
or any other wild animal, if it ate junk and/or processed food
that adorn shelves of so many food stores?
It wouldn't last very long, right?   Your body is also an animal.
It is not made to stuff it with junk and processed food.
It is made to nourish it with wholesome, natural food.
Treat it as such, and you will benefit beyond your current life,
incarnation.   When you eat natural food full of natural nutrients,
it helps you heal and raise your energy level.   That raised
energy level will stay with you even after your physical body dies.
Conversely, stuffing your body with junk and processed food
may contribute to lowering your overall energy, and it may last
even lifetimes (incarnations) to regain the energy.

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