You shall not have other gods before me

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"You shall not have other gods before me."

In a way this saying is true, but there are a couple of
incongruent (disharmonious) things about how it is

Let's start with the end of the saying first.
"Me" refers to the body-mind.   "I" refers to
the spirit.   So the end of the saying should be:
"Though shall have no other gods before I."

Now let's tackle the beginning of the saying.
"You shall not have...", or "Do not have...",
or whatever other variant of this biblical commandment there is,
is a commandment, an order.   Rest assured that if any of the
Divine Loves (Gods) would command you to do something, you would
do it, end of story.   Perhaps there might be some instances when
the Divine Loves do put their foot down, however this is not one
of them.   This is simple to see, as if we were ordered to follow
them, to have no other gods before them, we would, and the point
of this level of existence, of this world, would be voided.
As you know from this page, the point of this world
is to experience what happens when the love energy flow is not
automatically there, in a nutshell.
So when it's not a commandment, what is it?   You could look at it
as an inspirational saying, or as a guidance saying.   Then it takes
on a different form:
"If you wish to be healthy, you shall not have other gods before I."
It could also be re-phrased to this form:
"You know you are healthy, or at least on the right healing path,
  when you have no other gods before I." (You can substitute
the word "spiritual" for the word "healing".)

Let's look at the contextual part of the saying.
"If you wish to be healthy, you should not have other gods before I."
Who is that "I"?   Whom does it refer to?
As you know from this page, there are three
Divine Loves (Gods).   To which one does this saying apply?   In a way
it could apply to any of them and it would maintain the truthfulness
of the saying, but it wouldn't be practical to our earthly lives.
To our minds, Divine Loves are unknown; even to enlightened
people, that is to people that have dissolved, transcended their minds,
Divine Loves are not fully known.   Most of what is written and said
about Gods is rubbish, even though there are some bits and pieces
of truth here and there.
Divine Loves are intelligent enough to know that to suggest to
earthlings not to put other gods before what we don't know
would be like putting chocolate coating on a hot dog.
So to whom does the "I" refer to?
When you say "I", it refers to your spirit, to your
true Self = to the pure, loving part of you.
So when you put no other gods before your true Self, you know
you are on the right spiritual path, you know you are healing,
or perhaps even healthy.

What does "other gods" mean?
It basically means "things incongruent with your true Self".
Such as toxins, negative intentions, attachments to other people and
other things, etc.

So now the saying stands revealed:
"If you wish to be healthy, you should not put incongruent
things before your true Self."
If you wish to be healthy, if you wish to be enlightened, you need
to make sure that what you do, use, eat, drink, intend, is congruent
with your true Self; because otherwise those incongruent things
would be roadblocks to your healing, to your spiritual evolving.
Here is the beautiful part - when you are harmonious with your
true Self, when you are your true Self, you are automatically
harmonious with Divine Loves (Gods).   Thus, when you don't
put any false gods (incongruent stuff) before your true Self,
you don't put any false gods before Divine Loves.

You might say, "but I don't know my true Self, either;
it's as unknown to my mind as Gods."
This might be true, and in the case of many people on this
planet it is true, but there are ways of getting in touch with
your true Self = getting to know your true Self = being your
true Self.   That's what this website is about - to offer answers
that are the universal foundation of true healing = of connecting
with your true Self.   The pages Good Health Trinity
and Meditate...or not? are a good start.

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