Crime and Healing

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Nobody chooses with his/her free will to commit crime.

If that is true, then how come there is crime and other forms of struggle?
There is a " free-will choice " and there is a " choice " .   We all make choices
all the time, we are fully responsible for them, and we feel the consequencies
of our choices.   The question is, how many of those choices are " free will "
and how many are just " choices " .
OK, so what is the difference between a " free-will choice " and a " choice " ?
Free-will choice is when we are unaffected by anything, and we make
the choice based on our healthy internal guidance; we may ask for guidance,
but the guidance is given with love and nothing is imposed on us (that's how
Love Beings act).
Choice is when we make a choice based on whatever is affecting us at that
particular moment, suppressing our free will.
It can be stated, that sick people (by people is meant spiritual Beings) don't
make free-will choices.   They can't.   Their being sick is a reflection of
fragmentation of their energy/nervous system and/or energetic depletion
and/or their energy spinning out of control and/or disconnection from
Divine Loves (Gods).   (By being sick is not meant having a cold - it means
what the previous sentence says and what will be shown later.)

Sick people are not in complete control of their body and waking
consciousness, and that is why they may choose to do harm.
I will show a few simplified examples of what may happen that results
in the person becoming sick and committing a crime:

1) Soon-to-be parents like to have a glass of wine with dinner.   Alcohol is
a major toxin that works in two, parallel, ways: it depletes the body of nutrients;
its nasty negative energy pounds on the drinker's spiritual self-defence
system.   Even though the soon-to-be parents don't feel any conscious effect
(like dizziness) of the glass of wine, they don't understand its effects in
the subconscious (if they did, they wouldn't drink it).   As well, they don't
consciously understand at what level their energy systems are (which
depends a lot on their previous lives, incarnations).   So every now and then
they have that glass of wine with dinner.   Unless they compensate for
the loss of nutrients, they are definitely depleted of B vitamins, essential
fatty acids (needed for proper functioning of cells and the brain), and other
nutrients (some people try to compensate by buying cheap vitamins in health
food stores - those vitamins are rubbish, not only not helping the body, but
the body has to detoxify them, as well *).
B vitamins are needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system.
Without them the nervous system cannot function well, may become
fragmented or even collapse.   As their nervous systems are not functioning
well, their spiritual self-defenses are lowered and the pounding of the alcohol's
nasty energy may make holes in the soon-to-be parents' energy systems.
That means energy depletion, and a fertile ground for negative entities
to attach themselves to the grown-ups.   Unless the soon-to-be parents go
see a chiropractor who does network spinal analysis (NSA) and a doctor
who does neuro-emotional technique (NET), and supply their bodies with
high quality nutrients, their energy systems will remain weaken and affected
by negative entities.   The grown-ups might even stop drinking alcohol completely
once a child is conceived, but their energy systems will remain in the same
poor state of health (unless they seek help as mentioned above).
Into this unloving environment a child is born.   Right away, the child is
lacking the energy support he needs.   He also lacks the essential nutrients,
because his mother's body doesn't have them in the necessary supply.
He becomes subconsciously angry (besides other emotions), and the anger
will remain recorded in his body (liver) until he purges it through NET or
an equivalent work.   After he is born, he is vaccinated with toxic substances
that deplete his nutrients further, attack his nervous system further, and
further widen the opening in his spiritual self-defences for negative entities
to attack and/or control him.   Because of that he is not centered, he is not
his true Self, and he is vulnerable to other negative influences in the
conscious and subconscious worlds.
Now he is a teenager, and his school buddies are experimenting with
smoking and/or alcohol.   If he were centered in his true Being, he would
refuse, his intuition would guide him to opt out naturally.   But this way, he
has a drink and/or cigarette = his energy system was just hit with
a sledgehammer, or two.   And maybe the first hit(s) out of many to come.
His energy might be spiraling out of control.   One day one of his buddies
brings a gun and this boy is fascinated with it and asks if he could hold it.
Guns (and other weapons) have low, negative energies, and are
connected to other negative energies in the subconscious world.   Guns
are connected to mercury.   Mercury is a major, major, poison that scrambles
the nervous system.   Now this boy, with all the baggage of negativities and
nutritional depletion compressing his body, has connected with the energy of
mercury through the gun = he might have become so poisoned that he lost
his internal guidance of common-sense right and wrong.   He might get his
own gun.   Let's see the whole picture:   compressed, depleted body +
negative entities affecting him + no right-wrong internal guidance +
anger stored in his liver + gun...hmmmmm.
Is there a way out of it?   Of course!   Please, read on.

2) Many people like eating pork.   Pork contains parasites.   Both physical
and spiritual parasites.   These parasites have negative energies.
Even though the pork parasites are small, they too have a consciousness
(everything in existence has a consciousness, even " dead " things like
chairs and stones - nothing can exist without consciousness, because
consciousness is everything), though very low consciousness, that doesn't
belong in the human body.   So if this person is eating pork, she is taking in
the parasites.
Now she has foreign, low energy, objects in her body and in her energy
system that don't belong there, and that have their own agenda.
Her body experiences negative emotions because of that: anger adversely
affects her liver; grief adversely affects her lungs; depletion adversely affects
her brain; and possibly others.   In addition, the parasites affect the flow of
energy mainly in her brain.   They might fragment her brain (as in parts
of the brain not being able to communicate properly).   If she doesn't have
enough energy to countrebalance the parasites' energies, the parasites will
start running the show.   That will result in the person doing unloving things.
Is there a way out of it?   Of course!   Please, read on.
(By the way, garlic kills pork parasites.)

3) The average person goes to his office five days a week (by " average
person " is meant one who has the average " western-world " diet,
health care, etc.)   One of his coworkers is a negative entity, having her
own dark agenda in the subconscious world, though on the surface she
looks normal, average.   This average man might get affected by this dark,
female, entity.   This affection is happening in the subconscious world,
and may not be detected by the man in the conscious world.
The man's subconscious and/or nervous system and/or Love Beings
do (for sure) try to alert the man that something unloving is going on.
It might be through many different things - little (or big) pains here and
there, weird (but harmless) things happening (hearing sounds, electronic
devices behaving erratically, etc), or in more extreme cases the man gets
into an accident that will force him to be away from the harmful environment.
However, most average people don't consciously know how to interpret
all these nudges and signs, so our guy continues going to the same office.
The negative female might be stealing his energy, or might be trying
to program him to do something unloving.   All this stresses the man's
nervous system and negative emotions get recorded in his body - in his
organs.   Then, depending on other circumstances, all the stress built-up
in the man's subconscious, and nervous system, might explode to the surface
and he might become violent toward his family.   Or the " dark " female
might succeed in enslaving him into doing something unloving.
Is there a way out of it?   Of course!   Please, read on.

4) She likes to eat pizza, and wheat bread (whether whole-wheat or white,
organic or not) is the staple of her diet.   She also finds chocolate and other
candies delicious.   During the work days she doesn't find time to cook her
own meals, so she prefers to buy prepared meals...just heat them up.
Pizza has a wheat flour crust, and many prepared (read processed) foods
contain wheat, as well.   Wheat flour glues the gut shut, confuses the immune
system into attacking its own body's nerve endings.   The gut cannot eliminate
toxins properly.   On top of that the sweet candy stuff makes the gut sweet,
which is the perfect terrain for growing unfriendly bacteria.   Gut glued by wheat,
confused and exhausted nervous/immune system, unfriendly bacteria = not
being able to eliminate toxins properly.   Instead of toxins
going out of the body, they are re-absorbed back into the body.   So now the
body, the organs, are toxic.   The whole body is stressed, the nervous system
weakened.   This tightens up the muscles, especially the muscles along the
spine, that keep the spine in the proper shape.   That results in crooked
spine = nervous system being fragmented; the brain not being able
to communicate properly with the rest of the body.   Such a person might get
disconnected from Divine Love and thus disconnected from the true source
of energy, power, and answers (guidance).   That by itself is a recipe for
something unloving to happen.   Add to it the truth that in this world of energies
like attracts like, then this depleted person attracts depleted entities to her,
and that is a recipe for a disaster.
Is there a way out of it?   Of course!   Please, read on.

After reading these simplified examples, you can see a few common themes
-   presence of toxins
-   lack of nutrients
-   stored emotions
-   nervous system not flowing properly
-   attachment of negative entities/energies
-   lack of awareness

So how does all this get fixed?
-   stopping ingesting toxins in any quantity (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pork {any food
    made of pigs}, mercury {older dental fillings, tuna fish} wheat flour, etc.)
-   supplementing with high quality nutrients (like those sold by RBC Life
    Sciences - RBC Life Sciences)
-   detoxifying the body as directed by a qualified naturopath
-   eating healthful foods, hydrating properly, and breathing properly
-   purging stored emotions from the body by using neuro-emotional technique (NET)
    (discharging anger, for example, by punching a bag, doesn't necessarily mean
    that the emotion of anger has been cleared from the liver.   Most of the time
    the stored emotion - the emotional block - can be cleared only by bringing
    to conscious awareness the reason why the emotion ocurred, in other
    words, bringing to light the memory of the event that caused the emotion -
    NET is designed to do that.)
-   de-fragmenting and reconnecting the nervous system by using network
    spinal analysis
(though conventional chiropractic may help, as well)
-   being aware, living with awareness (for example, if a person becomes
    aware of a rising anger in him/her, it's more beneficial to discharge the anger
    by smacking a pillow than beating up someone)
More answers on how to heal are on pages: " Swaddling Bands " ; " Spiritual
" ; " Holy Temple "; " Good Health Trinity ".

It is evident, that unloving things like crime and legal violence are committed by
people making choices, but not free-will choices.   In other words, it is sick people
who are choosing violence.   Obviously, then, the way for the people
to become loving and peaceful again is to heal whatever caused the sickness.
Natural ways of healing are available, as you can see from this page and
website.   Yet what happens to sick people who commit crimes?   Sick politicians
devise sick ways of treating sick people by using sick legal system and sick
law-inforcement personnel (please, see the page " Intelligence "), sending
them to concrete prisons.   There the sick prisoners are cared for by other sick
people employed by the (sick) government.   They are being fed nutritionally
deficient food.   Some violent people might get send to psychiatric hospitals,
where other sick people pump them with even more sickening toxic drugs
and nothing gets solved.   All this mistreatment creates more emotional blocks
in the criminal's energy system (body), thus contributes to worsening his/her
health, instead of healing.   On top of that, any unresolved emotions
the sick-violent person has accumulated in his/her energy system (body) in this
life may carry to the next life, incarnation.   Nobody in the chain wins -
it's a lose-lose situation.

What is a better way of dealing with criminals?
First of all, if people took care of their health properly, supported by loving
doctors, and proper, loving, education, there would be no criminals.
However, until we get there, a better way is to evaluate the " criminal's "
biological terrain for toxicity, proper function of the gut and kidneys, and
any nutritional deficiencies.   Correct everything out-of-wack by supplying the body
with the highest quality nutrients.   Ensure high-quality food and proper hydration
are provided.   At the same time use NET and NSA to bring the " criminal's "
nervous system to the proper working state.   As the now-healing person gets
more and more positive energy from all of these, he/she starts making more
loving choices, and his/her spiritual self-defences go up resulting in kicking out
negative entities.   Such a healing person starts reconnecting with Divine
Loves (Gods), and thus is receiving more and more positive energy.
All this washes away the mud hiding the person's true Self - the loving, caring,
compassionate, Being.   When such a person wakes up from the sick nightmare,
he/she never hurts anyone again.   This healing might take a while, but is much
faster than spending years (or life) in an unloving environment.   Prisons all over
the world are empty.   In the long term, this healing is also much cheaper.
Win-win situation, don't you think?

* Note: You can easily have the quality of nutritional supplements checked by
neuro-emotional technique (as provided by NET trained doctors), or you can
use muscle-strength testing, as described in the book " Power vs. Force " by
David R. Hawkins.   Though one needs to be careful when using
muscle-strength testing alone, as some negative things may switch the tester's
polarity or may block him/her, thus falsify the results.   NET practitioners are
trained in detecting, and correcting those.

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