What Is Love?

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What is love within the scope of our lives here on Earth?

Love is the highest manifestation of energy, as created by The Holy Spirit.
This energy manifests through many individual-yet-connected forms.
What shapes this love energy, the first building block of existence, into
individual forms is the second building block of existence: information (also energy).

In its virgin form love, the highest energy, is coherent (having a constant phase
relationship).   However, information can shape the love energy into incoherent forms.
These incoherent forms are what appears to us, human beings, as unloving, negative,
destructive, disharmonious (well, not only to us as human beings, but also to all
coherent, that is loving, energies).

When the energy of information maintains the energy of love in a coherent form,
the result is harmonious, loving, in-tune, positive, creative, true, heavenly, healthy.
When the energy of information shapes the energy of love into an incoherent form,
the result is disharmonious, unloving, out-of-tune, negative, destructive, false, evil,

Where does information come from?
Information are frequencies generated by an intent created by The Holy Spirit.
Symbolically, you can think of it this way:
Consider a loudspeaker.   From our point of view, The Holy Spirit is invisible, silent,
flowing, dynamic, just as an electric current entering a loudspeaker is.
The magnet with the coil and the diaphragm (the membrane) are like an intent.
The invisible, silent current moving through the coil-magnet moves the membrane
and thus creates vibrations = frequencies.
The air surrounding the loudspeaker is like the virgin love energy.   When the music is
nice, pleasant, the air is "shaped" into pleasant, positive forms and you enjoy the music.
When the music is not pleasant, you can't stand it = it affects you negatively.

When you are coherent, you are one with the highest energy, love, because
you are it - you are love.   In this coherent state you feel so good, so blissful.
It's not that something is given to you, it's that you are it.
In your coherent state you are the virgin love energy, shaped by Love of Loves
(God of Gods - please, see the page Gods) to your individual manifestation.
The Holy Spirit by pretending "donated" a part of Itself to the individual manifestation
that Love of Loves created - you.   So that you have "your own" awareness from
which your intentions arise, and from which you shape your reality.   This way
every individual can create whatever he/she wants.

If you have a hard time digesting these answers, you can go through the following
Empty your mind completely, so it is blank.   Now you are silent, empty,
yet dynamically flowing - you are alive, just like The Holy Spirit.
Imagine a beautiful beach by an ocean, with many people sunbathing and
playing in the water.   Some people are just lying on the warm sand lazily,
some are playing with a beach ball, some are building sand castles,
and some are having friendly water fights.   For a short period of time continue
developing, evolving this scenario.
You have just created in your mind what The Holy Spirit created with the existence.
Observe your creation:
- the individuals in your imagination were acting separately, individually, yet
  they were part of the whole
- there were basically infinite possibilities how that scenario could have evolved
- what do you think would the people you imagined answer if someone
  would ask them questions like:
      - who created you?
      - from where all this (the beach, the ocean, the toys, etc) originated?
      - are you separate, or are you all one?
      - from what point in existence have all this come to being - a single point
        Big Bang, from many points, or from everywhere at once?
Also, have you realized that had your mind not been empty, blank,
you wouldn't have been able to imagine that scenario?   If some thoughts were flying
around in your mind you wouldn't have been able to imagine the ocean, beach,
people, etc.   Thus your blank mind was a field of all possibilities.   Even with just one
thought scooting around you would have not been able to go through that exercise
successfully.   Just like The Holy Spirit...

When it comes to your experiences, your lives, here on Earth, further shaping of
energy (that is love energy) was done by your Godly Self and Divine Loves, Gods,
to create you as the soul, and to create all the rest you need to live on Earth (your
energy system, body, etc).   To be loving, to be truly in love, is to be coherent,
harmonious, with the rest of your Being (that is with your Higher, Angelic, and Godly
Selves) and with Divine Loves.   When you are in-tune like that, the flow of love
energy is free to continue through your energy system and body.   This love energy
flow you experience as...well, love, bliss.
When you are not in-tune like that, the love energy flow is not free to continue
flowing through your energy system and body, and that feels like whatever else
but love.

To be coherent, in-tune, you need your nervous system working properly.
Many things need to come together harmoniously for that to happen; please,
see the other pages of this website for more answers on that.

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