Sustainable Way Of Living

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What is a sustainable way of living in such a way that the global
society can flourish permanently?

The way this global society is set up is based on a formula that could be
worded like this:   "When someone or something is born, it has nothing,
so in order to get/have something it has to pay for it."
This formula automatically leads to indebtedness, unloving dependancy,
the few controlling the many, conscious and subconscious stress that
leads to poor health and destructive emotions (shame, anger, fear, doubt,
despair, hate, etc.).   This is not a harmonious way of living; it is not
congruent with the Divine.   Nobody benefits...nobody.   A society
that is based on this system cannot survive for very long.

So what is an alternative?

Actually, in principle it is very simple.   The formula goes like this:
" All the abundance is already provided.   It just needs to be
adjusted for human use and distributed.   Thanks to the Divine's infinite
organizing power, everyone is guided to participate in this system in
a fulfilling and joyful way.   Everyone gives and takes what is needed
in a healthy and respectful way."
This harmonious system functions free of money, debts, stress.
Everyone feels naturally fulfilled and content, because
he/she is in the right place at the right time, thanks to
the continuous divine guidance.   There are no poor or rich.
Everyone has enough for joyful, fulfilling life, and feels content.
Progress/improvement comes from the intent of the Self (the Creator) that
shines through each person to manifest Itself in the highest possible way.
Each person experiences this divine intent as a joyful drive to improve things
for the satisfaction of the process/result itself.
      Of course, in order to manifest/implement this system,
people have to be mature enough.   To reach this level of maturity, people
need to keep on addressing all the aspects of true good health, such as
presented on this website.   The page Good Health Trinity is a good start.

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