The Fall of Man

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At a certain level, all the negative, destructive things that have been
created originate from one thing: greed.   Greed for more money,
energy, land, power, control, force, etc.
This greed actually comes from a deep need for life energy to live.
However, toxicity has twisted channeling of this positive need to
a destructive way of existing.
In a normal individual intelligence guides him/her to positive sources
of life energy.
In a toxic individual intelligence is suppressed, buried, and is replaced
by...chaos = out-of-control-ness.   This out-of-control-ness results in
even more toxicity, which leads to more out-of-control-ness, and unless
this cycle of destruction is stopped by a positive power, it can result
in a complete collapse of the individual.

Positive sources of life energy are: your higher Selves (Angelic, Godly);
Divine Loves (Gods); natural, wholesome foods; juices; chiropractic healthcare;
Neuro-Emotional Technique healthcare; good quality vitamins and minerals; etc.
The main sources, however, are your higher Selves (Angelic, Godly) and Divine
Loves (Gods).   When an individual becomes toxic, he/she may reject/get disconnected
from these main sources of life energy.   With the main, positive energy sources
missing, the individual turns to stealing energy of others in order to survive.
Of course, this stealing is a destructive way of gaining energy, and can only
result in more toxicity, more destructiveness for the individual.
When you read the page How did it come to this? you can understand
how this toxicity scenario started.

Right from the concept time certain individuals, who were the most intense
in their drive to achieve whatever they wanted to achieve, started using their
knowledge of life, of energies, to control others.   They have been depending
on this control so they can survive, as the control = stealing energy of their subjects.
This has been going on mainly in the subconscious world (which is much larger
than the conscious world we perceive through our five senses, and controls it).
It has also manifested in the physical, conscious world through people such as
the politicians, some of the business, education, media, and medical establishments.

Because their greed game for control (e.g. energy) is fragile, it depends on
the ignorance of the population.   That is why the politicians and their masters have
been trying to vacuum all the true information about life, about energy, about true good
health from the whole world.   Without true answers people don't know how to do what
they need to do to be truly healthy, free, positive, creative, positively abundant,
and - especially - understand who they truly are; for when you understand who you
truly are, and you draw on the power, you become strong and cannot be controlled
(= you energy cannot be stolen).
They have replaced the true answers with false answers, broadcasted through
the media, educational, healthcare, economic, entertainment, and other systems.
Please, see more answers on the page Divide, Conquer, and Rule.

This greed game has been going on from our first incarnation, about two trillion
years ago.   Many of the main manipulators have been the same.   The history
has been repeating over and over and over.   To learn from one's mistakes, one
needs his/her intelligence to work properly.   The manipulators' toxicity has suppressed
their intelligence and thus they have not been able to realize the futility and foolishness
of their destructive actions.   They have not realized that their greed is the result of their
need for positive, loving energy, and that they can have it in abundance - just address
the basic points of true good health (such as promoted on this website), and gradually
their positive abundance returns.
Instead of addressing their health, they have been trying to do as much as they can
to control and rule others.   You can see from our world today, where this scenario

Positive creativity has no limits: there is always more room to expand, to go a step
higher.   Destructive creativity has a limit, and when the limit is reached the society
self-destructs, or it goes too far and Father Love (Father God) or Love of Loves (God
of Gods) scrap everything and the society starts anew.   This has happened many
times in the two trillion years of incarnations on Earth.   It is to such a "scrapping" that
the biblical flood symbolically refers.

Even though the manipulators are hugely responsible for the state of the world,
we all are, as well.   Please, see the page Peace and Responsibility.

Before the concept time we all were loving, harmonious, abundant.   Then as
the result of toxicity some of us fell, and thus became negative, destructive, controlling,
and controlled.
It is through detoxifying, true healing (such as promoted on this website) that the fallen
rise positively again, and peace and harmony ensues.   There is no other way.

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