Who or What Created Evil

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Evil created itself - or better to say that evil spontaneously manifested because
the conditions were right.
Existence is as a virtual machine that the Self (the Creator) manifested
via the Holy Spirit in order to experience Itself.
As a model of simplicity and brilliance the Self set as the basic operating
principles of Existence two opposing conditions:
1) infinite love/light (which actually is the perch of the Holy Spirit)
2) infinite absence of love/light (a condition where the Holy Spirit is not)
It was the infinite absence of love/light that presented the right conditions for evil to manifest.
What occurs within Existence is as a consequence of a combination of these two.
Because both are infinite, Existence guarantees an infinite number of possibilities,
qualities, events, from the most evil to the most loving.
It is important to be aware that in reality it is not possible for the Self to be not,
as the Self is the only "thing" or condition that actually exists.
Existence is pretended, in principle in the same way as when you daydream/fantasize.

Note: the term "the Self" is a human term. Perhaps the closest
way that the Self can be described is "Beingness" - a condition rather than a thing.

Note 2: this article uses the past tense, which is just to simplify things language-wise.
The manifestation process within Existence is ongoing.

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