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Love-tionary = Love dictionary

As stated on the previous page, " Language of Gods "
English has a certain aliveness.   Many words are fables, revealing,
or hinting, the words' true meaning.   Here are some of them, listed
in no particular order.   New words will be added, as they become

The last update of this page was on November 22, 2020.

I Am = I Awareness manifested

love = Light of victory eternal

soul = spirit of you loving

some sources say that believing in Christ will save you - it won't;
the correct statement is be living in Christ and you are saved.

me = misunderstood expression - when you talk about your
Self, you should say " I " , for example, " excuse I " or " she told I " ;
" me " is a fragmenting statement as it relates to the body, but you
are not the body.   It is as if the whole Universe proclaimed " I am
Earth " and ignored the rest of itself.   You are a spirit in a body, not
the body.   This is vital to undestand and use correctly, if your
intend is to evolve spiritually.

serendipity = surrender pity

body = building only designed (for) you

DNA = do not access

hope = high on pee

faith = find all in Thee

reward = rest while Awareness repays (your) deed

fun = feel you near - when you have fun I feel you near (fun
congruent with Divine Love)

penis = pleasure enhancing I's satisfaction

vagina = victory attained goals in abundance

priest = pay respect (to) I (the) eternal statement

birth = baby is really testing him/her

heat = He at (work) - Love of Loves at work: when
neuro-emotional issues are being cleared out of the body, heat is
being experienced (though not necessarily every single time).

anoint = always know I (Am) near Thee (see the page " Be In Touch " )

Love of Love's message to a king (or a queen):   fucking idea =
fuck (your) crown king   I deleted (the) appointment -
the concept of a crown on the head pertains to taking care of your
crown energy point (chakra), not putting a piece of metal on the head
and declaring your Self a king/queen.   Duh!

state = means being in a better state love-wise and health-wise,
not fragmenting the world into states and creating borders.   Duh!

illuminati = ill you   missing natural intelligence

hi = hello I

luck was afer fuck - there is no such thing as " luck "

fight was going after Light, but in truth Light is after fight with God
in between them

pray = pay respect

bless you = best you   be in Love (or Light)

healthy = heal Thy

sin = spiritual incongruence

holy = His/Her omnipresent love (for) you
"His/Her" refers to Divine Loves (Gods)

(The) Bible = be intelligent because lies exist
Please, see the pages: Marriage, Adultery, and the Bible;
Christ and the Bible

hell = he/she experiences lack (of) love

fear = false entertainment alters reality

freedom = free (to) do manifestations

delighted = de-lighted - losing Light, so the correct statement is
" I am inlighted "

" Have a nice Light " is better than " Have a nice day " - there is light
during the day, but day is not Light

time = think I'm eternal (but I'm not - see the bottom of page " Gods " )

think = thin concept (as in " I think " - that's a pretty shallow
statement - " I know " is a strong statement)

" I am I know " is the congruent statement - " I think therefore I am " is false

thing = thin goal (as in chasing after material possessions)

sex = spiritual energy exchange (in loving sex)

masturbate = (for) mind (to) accomplish satisfaction totally you
rather be at ease

war = without Awareness respected

government = God's version not meant (to be like this)

Constitution = constipated intuition (see below)

intuition = internal tuition - no need for laws and governments:
inside each person is an internal guidance system, intuition, that
guides to the most congruent choices with Divine Love.

brain = be rather alive I know - I know the body is limiting, you
prefer to be free of it

death = divine Energy ascends to Him/Her (Mother Love and
Father Love)

head = his/her Energy ascends (to the) Divine

blood = business (of) love or death

breast = babies really enjoy accessing (and) sucking tit

heart = his/her emotions are running this

shit = see/smell (your) history in that

gal = giving all love

guy = girls use you

child = see His loving deeds

patience = pay attention   I enter   see (I) enter

divine = destined (for) victory in eternity

serenity = Spirit eternal reflects eternal unity

amen = it may be more helpful to end prayers with the word
" Awareness " as a reminder that Awareness is an aspect of the Self,
of your true Self, and it is via living with awareness that spiritual
growth and enlightenment can be attained.

yesterday = yes to day

today = to discover awareness (in) you

tomorrow = to more awe

history = his story (whoever is in power)

forget it = for (I) get it (so it doesn't manifest)

vital = victorious I tell (you) all

evil = live spelled backwards - when someone's values are
backwards, he/she lives evil

(to) have = his/her accumulations (or accumulating) veiling entity
(to) have = He (Divine Love) awards victorious entity
       ...please, see the page " Dissolving the world of struggle "

(to) do = detrimental (or destructive) occupation
(to) do = divine order
       ...please, see the page " Dissolving the world of struggle "

(to) be = beyond eternity
       ...please, see the page " Dissolving the world of struggle "

(to) meditate = me dies to awareness transforming entity

(to) repent = renounce evil     pray (and) energy enters thee

fable = fabulous lie

weakness = we aware know non-violence enhances spiritual strength
Weakness as in avoiding fighting, and not having sharp elbows.

strength = society tends (to) reward (it)   not god though
Strength as in fighting, and having sharp elbows.

military = mind ignores love (and) it turns away (from the) real you
The mind turns away from the real you.

life = love is freeing energy

marriage = mind arranges really restrictive institution affecting godly energy

touch = transfer of you can help, or transfer of you can hurt
Please, see the page Loving Touch for more info.

patience = (by) prioritizing awareness   time experience not controlling entity

tax = toxic all-around experience

mind = merely (an) instrument (of the) divine
Please, see the page What Is The Mind? for more info.

fart = forecasts approaching restless turd

butt = buffers you (from) the toilet

awareness = all words are not expressive sufficiently (to describe the) silence

ego = external game only

gratitude = great attitude

grateful = great full = full of greatness

pride = protects (subjective) reality in defending ego
Please, see the page Pride And Gratitude for more info.

temptation = testing entity (if) mind (has) power to act though intelligence
                    (knows you) ought not

intelligence = internal light leads individual (towards) godly energy (state)
                     called enlightenment
Please, see the page Teaching for more info.

intellect = internal light leads (but) entity can't tell
Please, see the page Teaching for more info.

teach = train entity   answers cashed (in the) head
Please, see the page Teaching for more info.

reveal = (by) removing veil answers liberated
Please, see the page Teaching for more info.

(to) forgive = for (I, God) give (you the opportunity
              to experience whatever you want or need so why would I harbor
              any hard feelings towards you when you make a mistake or do
              something unloving?   My love is unconditional, non-judgemental,
              thus there is nothing to forgive).
              Forgiveness, though a positive concept, is a game of the ego.

Boredom = beware of (the) rut (it is an) entertainment drama of (the) mind
                  beware of (the) robotic entertainment drama of (the) mind

individuality = in divine duality; pretended duality in the pretended game of
Existence by the Self (the Creator)

body = being observes divine ymagination (use "your" imagination here :-) )
         the body and all of existence is pretended - the Self's imagination

The word "life" as an acronym helps reveal more
truth-full meaning:
LIFE = Life Is Formless Eternal
LIFE = Life Is Flowing Expression (of the Divine)

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