Parent - Child Connection

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We all are interconnected in intricate ways, energetically.

When you look at your body in a mirror, you can see definite
boundaries to the body, and you can clearly distinguish your
body from the bodies of others.   Plus, each body is obviously
unique.   Because all that is easy to establish and confirm
with the tools you have at your disposal at the conscious level,
that is your "physical" senses, and nobody has taught you
otherwise (except perhaps for a few individuals throughout
the millennia that you might not be even consciously aware of),
you might have accepted it as your reality.

This reality might be summarized as:
"I am a unique individual, different from anyone else, this is
my life and what I do or don't do is my thing, and nobody
else's business."

While this statement is in a way true, in another way it can
be misleading.

There are many different levels to you, to your Being.
Re-phrased, there are many different depths to you, to your Being.
At the surface level you manifest as the body and conscious mind.
The conscious mind is programmed to operate in this world using
the five physical senses.   Because the conscious mind is blocked
from seeing your deeper levels by an one-way mirror, it is not aware
that anything else besides this physical world exists, and upon this
(false) assumption it bases its existence.
As illnesses, pains, accidents, and other unpleasant situations occur,
your conscious mind tries to explain them within the context of
the physical world, of the five senses, of the separate bodies and
separate lives.   Thus you might talk of "bad luck", "unfair things",
"being a victim".
If that one-way mirror were removed, you would see deeper into
your Being.   You'd see that you are connected with everyone
and everything else in a complex energetic dance.   You'd see
that we affect each other in numerous ways, be it good, neutral,
or negative.   Then you would understand that there is
no "bad luck", no "unfair things", no "being a victim".
What manifests in your life as illnesses, pains, accidents, and
other unpleasant situations, are the results of this complex
energetic dance.
You would also understand that for your life to manifest as
a positive, happy, abundant, healthy, safe, loving life, you need as much
positive energy as possible.   You also need to be congruent (in
harmony) with the positive energy. (Another name for this
positive energy is love.)

This interconnection of everything and everyone is a two-way road.
You not only receive energy from others, you also send your
energy to others.
For this world to be loving, peaceful, and joyful, we need positive
energy to circulate = each of us sending out positive energy.
For you to be able to send out positive energy, you need to be healthy,
namely your nervous system needs to be in a good shape.
When you are not healthy = when your nervous system is not in a good
shape, you send negative energy to others.   The health of your nervous
system depends on many things, but in a way it boils down to two
main things: free of toxins; wholeness of your energy system.
Re-phrased, it is toxicity and your energy system fragmentation that
can negatively affect your nervous system.   Toxicity from things that
shouldn't be inside of you, such as mercury, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pork,
junk food, etc.   Your energy system fragmentation from things that are not
congruent with your true Being (that is with love), such as negative
intentions, unresolved emotions, toxicity, unloving scripts, out-of-shape
spine, etc.   (Please, see the pages Swaddling Bands and
Spiritual Self-defense for more info.)
From all this comes responsibility: when you pollute your Being with
toxins and don't take care of your health, you negatively affect other people.
For example, if you smoke or drink alcohol, you are not only
damaging your health, you are also hitting other people with the negative
energy that comes from your damaged health.
Conversely, when you take care of your health and eat healthful food,
you send more positive energy to others.
That is why each of us is partially and directly responsible for the state
of the world.

Especially strong is the connection between a parent and his/her child:
they are energetically connected through DNA, regardless of their physical
proximity.   The parent could be in North America and the child could be in
Asia, but their energy connection remains.   When both of them are healthy,
the connection is positive, loving, but when one of them is not healthy
and pollutes his/her system with toxins and negative intentions, the other
one might be negatively affected by that.
This is important to understand.   When the child is removed from the presence
of an abusive parent it is good, but that might not be the end of the story, because
their energy connection remains.
Even if the parents give up their child for an adoption, and the child grows up
in a different family and doesn’t (consciously) know his/her biological parents,
he/she is still connected with them through DNA.   If the biological parents drink
alcohol, smoke, take drugs, eat junk food, or damage their health in some
other way, the child can feel it (subconsciously).   How much it affects
the child depends on the state of his/her health.   The healthier the child is,
the less affected he/she is.   If the child is truly healthy, he/she might have
enough energy to easily and safely handle whatever is thrown at him/her.
Of course, this energy link works in the opposite direction, as well.
If the child is in poor health, it might negatively affect his/her parents, too.
This DNA energy link is broken with the death of the person.

Remember this statement from the top of this page?
"I am a unique individual, different from anyone else, this is
my life and what I do or don't do is my thing, and nobody
else's business."
While nobody has a right to tell you how you should live,
you do have a responsibility towards your Self and others
to contribute positively, lovingly.
When you improve your health, you help the whole world,
and especially those that are close to you, i.e. your children,
parents, spouses, friends.
When you damage your health you negatively affect the whole world,
and especially those that are close to you, and
thus you contribute to struggle, violence, diseases, etc.

So the statement would be more accurate in this form:
"I am a unique individual, different from anyone else,
and while this is my life and nobody has a right to tell I what I should
or shouldn’t do, I acknowledge my responsibility towards
my Self and others.   I intend to send positive energy
to my Self and others; to keep the flow of love going."
Please, be aware that by "good health" is not necessarily meant
the complete absence of symptoms, such as a cold, a headache,
or other physical conditions.
By "good health" is meant the nervous system being in a good shape,
and the energy system being whole.
Even such healthy people may get affected by various physical

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and even chiropractic can
assess the state of your health.

Please, see the other pages of this website for more info on
healing and maintaining good health.   The pages Good Health Trinity
and Healing Prayers are a good start.

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