Freedom To Be Your Self

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Freedom to be your Self is one of the most - if not the most - important freedoms.
It means that you have the freedom to manifest your life the way you wish
to have it = that you live your own life.
The biggest obstacle to this freedom is you yielding to the pressure
created by others - how they would like you to be, to live.   Why or if you yield
to the pressure is another thing and is discussed below, as well as why others
create the pressure.   This pressure may manifest as dos and don'ts, shoulds
and shouldn'ts, expectations, blackmail (if you don't do this...), taunting,
possessiveness, peer pressure, etc.

If you've read other pages of this website, you may be aware that your Self
is not congruent with unloving things; thus, "freedom to be your Self"
is not a freedom to be destructive and violent.   Your Self is congruent with
loving things; thus, "freedom to be your Self" is a freedom to manifest
your life in harmony with love.   How that manifests is your individual, unique
thing - no other person (no matter how smart) can tell you that.
Some people might object to the above paragraph, saying that "narrowing
down" the freedom to be your Self to "only" loving things limits
that freedom in the first place.   That is a trick and a possible trap of negative
energies, because your nature IS loving.   So it's important that you are able
to channel your nature = your loving-ness in the way you wish.   How you channel
it and how it manifests in your life is unique to you.   However, trying to
channel/manifest unloving things is against your true nature; doing so creates
Spiritual INcongruence (sin) in you and weakens you, plus it affects your
connection with Divine Loves (Gods), the sources of life energy and answers.
Is it anyone's business to direct your life even if you choose to do unloving
things? While it is nobody's business to tell you what you should and shouldn't
do, your doing affects people around you - in fact it affects the whole energy
matrix of the world.   So doing unloving things has its consequences, including
others preventing the unloving person from doing/continuing with
the destructiveness, violence.   That means when positive people put their
foot down and prevent the unloving act from happening/continuing, it is not
an encroachment on the person's freedom to be him/her Self.
Nobody chooses with his/her free will to do unloving things.

Why do people bow to the pressure created by others and live their lives
according to the idea of others (whether "the others" are parents, siblings, spouses,
friends, schoolmates, coworkers, teachers, the society, doctors, coaches, lovers,
journalists, etc.)?   And why do "the others" create that pressure?
Basically it boils down to lack of awareness.   Some people lose the touch
with their true Selves and get stuck in their egos.   The ego (or false Self) likes to
control things and people (possessing), live through others, create dramas*,
create polarizing scenarios, etc.
Why does that happen?   Why does a person's awareness become clouded and
the person succumbs to the loss of "freedom to be your Self"?
At the bottom of the heap are toxicity, energy/nervous system fragmentation,
unresolved emotions, and loss of connection with Divine Loves (Gods).
How to correct all that?   How to resolve all that so the courage to live your own life,
and to respect (not control) others is restored?
The universal basics of that healing are mentioned on the page "The Good
Health Trinity"

*Note:   The ego likes to create dramas that are even self-defeating, such as doing
what others want the person to do, rather than what the person really wishes to do.

Dos, don'ts, shoulds, and shouldn'ts can be positive when they are conditioned
with the intention to help understand something.   For example:
- if you wish to be healthy, you absolutely have to abstain from alcohol
    (contrast that to: you have to abstain from alcohol -> that's a negative directive,
    as the person saying it has no right to do so, even though abstaining from
    alcohol is important to good health and peace)
- if you don't want to be killed, don't bike on a busy highway
- you should take vitamin D in winter if you want to be healthy
- if you want to meet a nice girl, you should come to our dance club
    (contrast that to: you should come to our dance club and meet this nice girl ->
    that's a forceful statement - it's not the speaker's business to tell the person
    what he should do)
They can also be positive when the person does something destructive
or dangerous, such as:
- parents catching their child running across a road without looking left-right,
    and telling the child something like: "Don't you do this again - always check for
    traffic before you cross the road!"
- a person catching her coworker doing a poor job and telling her to smarten up
    and to fix it.

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