Free Will

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What is free will?
What does it mean to make free-will choices?

Free will is a misunderstood thing.   It doesn't mean doing whatever you want.
For that to happen, you'd have to be an independent Being, but you are not;
nothing and nobody is and can be independent.   In Existence, it is impossible
to do whatever you want.   Existence is a continuum, everything
is interconnected - everything is One.   In fact, there is only wholeness and
any appearance of independence or even individuality is only pretended.
As mentioned on the page "Gods", the whole Existence is a pretend
game of The Holy Spirit.
Let's go through a symbolic exercise to understand this better.
As we are "made" in the image of God, we have the same attributes
as the ultimate creator (that is The Holy Spirit via God of Gods).   If you doubt this,
please realize that even the smallest part of a whole contains attributes of
the whole.   If you've seen fractals, you can understand this better.
(The only trick is to filter out false concepts and ideas introduced by the
ignorant and naive mind.)
OK, now the exercise.   Make sure you're sitting in a chair comfortably or
lie down.   Close you eyes and completely empty your mind.   If a thought
or an image comes to your mind, ignore it as if it were a car passing by
your house.   Now imagine a (positive) scene: maybe a concert; or kids playing;
or vacationing.   Develop and observe the scene in your mind for a while.
You have created in your mind an existence.   You've done exactly what
The Holy Spirit has done, in principle.   To you it was pretended, but if someone
asked any of the people in your fantasy if they were real or separate,
what do you think they would answer?   What do you think they would answer
to who created them?   Now the big question that pertains to this article:
did any of the persons (or other live things) have
free-do-whatever-you-want will?   Their doing was a result of your
imagination; they couldn't disengage from your fantasy.
It is the same for you and your life.   The whole Existence is The Holy Spirit's
fantasy to experience itself.
A question might arise:   Then we all are just robots following
some fantasy?   And in that case it makes no difference what we do,
because it's just a fantasy; one could just collapse on a couch and
vegetate.   Thinking like this is a trick of the mind/ego, because it looks at
the issue from a separatist point of view.   If you look at the question from
the viewpoint of The Holy Spirit or God of Gods, it is absurd; because who is
that "we" in the question?   In the fantasy exercise you just went through,
if some of your pretended persons asked the same question, it might appear
as a valid question on the surface, but in reality it would be you imagining
the question, as you were the source of the fantasy.

Now, in this pretended Existence you have basically two choices in
every situation (in a simplified way):   harmonious with Love; disharmonious
with Love.

Harmonious with Love.   This is the choice that is called "free will".   It is
guided by intelligence, an aspect of the spirit.   This choice leads to healing,
to joy, to light, to Love, to good connection with Divine Loves (Gods) and
your true Self.   Intelligence is very powerful, and it's also gentle; in this world
it can be relatively easily suppressed by disharmonious stuff as mentioned below.
You can look at intelligence as the organizing power of the spirit; it knows what
needs to be done, and when, and how, to achieve the best (as in the most
positive) outcome in the given situation.

Disharmonious with Love.   This is the choice that is called "choice".
It is based on whatever affection goes on in your universe (everything that is
connected with you).   As this "choice" is differentiated from
"free-will choice", it can be said that it's based on negative guidance,
that is guidance affected by toxicity, negative intentions, negative energies,
energy blocks in your body, nervous system fragmentation, poor nutrition, etc.

Obviously, choices can and do lead to unpleasant consequences.
In a symbolic way it can be said that the way to Heaven is paved with free-will
choices; the way to Hell is paved with choices (Heaven = the presence of Love,
Light; Hell = the lack of Love, Light).

How to make free-will choices?   Good health is needed to be able to listen
to intelligence, namely healthy nervous system.   Intelligence is gentle, soft;
negative guidance is rough, loud, forceful (though negative guidance can
pretend being gentle and soft, as well).
This website is dedicated to providing information on the universal bases of
true healing, of regaining intelligence.   It is important to read all the pages
of this website, as each one presents important answers.

So yes, you, as the individual manifestation of The Holy Spirit, make choices
all the time and you are responsible for them, and feel their consequences.
Free-will choices help you grow stronger, healthier; help you be more alight.
Disharmonious choices can send you on a rough voyage.

Because you can choose to do disharmonious things, you can disconnect
from the wholeness, from Love, from Divine Loves (Gods) to some degree
(this disconnection is Hell).
Free will means aligning with Love, listening to/following intelligence, making
free-will choices.   Following "your" intelligence is not doing whatever you want
("your" is in quotation marks, because intelligence doesn't belong to you - it
comes from the wholeness, from the oneness, from the spirit, from God of Gods;
if you let it, it comes through you).   Following "your" intelligence is letting go of
your ego, of healing your nervous system so Love can flow through you.

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