God of Gods

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God = Love, thus God of Gods = Love of Loves

Nothing in Existence can exist without Love of Loves.
Love of Loves is The Holy Spirit manifested, as the first step in creating
If Love of Loves would withdraw His energy support for something
(or someone), that thing would cease to exist.   All this means
that everything and everyone, from the most evil to the most loving,
exist in part due to Love of Loves' energy support.
However, that doesn't mean that Love of Loves created the "unpleasant"
things, people, and events.   While Love of Loves sometimes may
and does create temptations and other "upleasantries" to see how
entities react to them, to see what happens, it is the entities that use their will
to create, using the donated energy of Love of Loves.
A helpful analogy can be of a tree donating its wood to people to create
certain objects.   The carpenter can make a chair that is very
comfortable, or a chair that causes a back pain.   In either case,
it's not the tree that created the chair, but without its wood the chair
wouldn't exist.   If the wood donated by the tree were used for
unloving purposes (such as weapons), the tree could be angry with that,
and with whoever made them (the weapons); so can Love of Loves be angry
when someone manifests unloving things.

Because the energy of Love of Loves is behind the entire Existence,
it stands to reason that He covers the entire energy spectrum of Existence.
Thus, Love of Loves can manifest in certain ways pertinent to the given energy
level along the energy spectrum.   So in a world that calibrates in the 200s,
that is mainly destructive with very little intelligence, Love of Loves can manifest
as an idiot and do idiot things.   In a world that calibrates at 1000, Love of Loves
can manifest as a congruent, loving entity or energy, and do things at this high
energy level.   In a "world" that calibrates in the millions,
Love of Loves can manifest as something we cannot even imagine here on Earth.

Note:   Love of Loves is neither "He", nor "She".   More accurate
would be "It".   Sexual orientation doesn't exist at that level,
though Love of Loves can manifest as a he or she.   The label "He" is used
here as it seems more cozy than "It".

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