Gifted Children

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There was a documentary on TV about gifted children.   It showed the lives
of several boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 12 that scored over
137 on an IQ test.   Several of them scored even 170, which only a very
small fraction of population achieves.   (According to the documentary
the average IQ is 100.)
One of the boys stood out because of the way he was speaking.   He was
one of the 170-scorers.   He talked about how people are too tense, driving
(themselves and others) too hard; that they should relax and they would be
more happy.  He was also challenging adults, including his parents, on
basically everything he could.   They gave an example of that from when
he was four years old: his dad took away his toy truck; in turn, the boy took
his dad’s cell phone and asked him how he felt now that something that
he loved was taken away from him.   All that (and some other things he said)
sounded like something taken from Osho’s childhood.   (Osho was very
intelligent as a child, challenging everyone he could, and became
enlightened at the age of 21).
However, later on in the program they mentioned that this boy suffered
from low self-esteem.   That showed that the boy was not balanced, not
rooted in his true Self.   A great opportunity missed.   The thing is that
he was very smart, very witty, but that extraordinary smartness was not
sufficiently counterbalanced by his intelligence.   This discernment was
also supported by how the IQ test was conducted.   The documentary
showed some of the questions that were given to the children.
The “IQ” doesn’t stand for “Intelligence Quotient”; it stands for “Intellect Quotient”.
Intelligence and intellect are not the same thing.   Intellect is of the mind; another
name for intellect is smartness, or cleverness, or wittiness.   Intelligence is of the
heart – actually, of the spirit.   Intellect helps us function in the society – to climb
the social ladder, to earn doctorates and degrees, to be good philosophers.
Intelligence helps us to function in nature, to discern what is beneficial for us
and what is not, and keeps us rooted in our true Being so we know who we are; from
that comes healthy self-esteem, lovingness, friendliness, understanding, positive and
harmonious living.  An intelligent person cannot be misused for unloving
purposes; his intelligence guides him/her to opt out of unloving, disharmonious
things naturally.   An intellectual person can be misused for unloving things, and
sometimes it can be seen when young people with very high IQs join NASA and/or
other agencies to help with projects that are not harmonious with love and peace.

To be very smart, like the boy was, and not to be sufficiently intelligent is like having
a magnificent house built on stilts made of thin wood sticks – it can collapse.
To be that smart and to be sufficiently intelligent (to control the smartness)
is a great blessing and can help the individual evolve in all the positive, healthy
ways enormously.
How to gain such intelligence?   How to get rooted in one’s true Self?
There are two things that are vital to centering (rooting in one’s true Self):
- Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) that helps resolve disharmonious issues that can
    block the connection between the true Self and the waking consciousness, and
    it also can be used to reveal the best way of dealing with things.
- silent meditations are vital to centering, to getting know one’s true Self, provided
    the meditator is congruent (in harmony) with the silent meditations (which can be
    checked with NET or muscle-strength testing, as described in the highly
    energized and recommended book “Power vs. Force” by David R. Hawkins).
Of course, other things like chiropractic care, healthy nutrition, and staying free of
toxins are vital, as well.

Many of the children featured in the documentary were pushed by their parents
to develop their talents.   Yet they were not guided, nor encouraged, to be centered
(at least the documentary didn’t show it).   This could make the children too lopsided
and put too much stress on them.   It would be more beneficial to allow the children
choose the course of their lives and guide them to evolve their intelligence.
Their talents cannot be lost if they are supported by intelligence.

Intelligence of very smart kids can develop and evolve only through centering and good
health.   This website promotes all that.   The pages Blessed is the Child, Good Health
, and Meditate…or not? are a good start.

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