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As you might know from Love-tionary by now, the word
"faith" reveals find all in thee.

Faith doesn't mean a blind belief.
A blind belief is when you accept some thought concept (belief) without
arriving at that conclusion from your own inner experience (regardless of
how many other people might believe in that thought concept).

Religions have misused the word "faith", the concept of faith,
to brainwash people into misleading things, and to create guilt and shame
in people.   All that is, or can be, very destructive.

Divine Loves (Gods), your higher Selves, and other loving
Beings know that what people think about them, about spiritual things,
is bound to be a mixture of truths and rubbish.   Do you think they prefer
you put your trust into, and build your life upon, this misleading stuff?
Do you think that Divine Loves (Gods) prefer you adopt the belief in
the biblical God (or a God of any other religion), put your faith in that concept,
and thus you possibly close your life to other experiences, other
pieces of information, and that you base your values on that
misleading stuff?
Of course not.

Faith in an erroneous concept can have far-reaching consequences,
keeping you from knowing your true Self, from living peaceful, relaxed,
joyful, healthy, abundant life; especially when that erroneous concept
has been created for unloving, controlling reasons, as many religious
concepts have been.

Instead, the word "faith" reveals that you "find all in thee".
You are the living book of Gods, so to speak; you find all that you need inside
of you.
The question is, how do you reveal all that inner stuff, how do you access it?
That's what a true religion, true education, and true healthcare should help
you with.   They haven't been doing it, so far, because that would put an end
to their control of people: people that understand who they are, people
who understand the truth about life, about Gods, cannot be controlled,
Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is able to access your inner
stuff; basically it's limited only by how far the doctor and the client are willing
and able to go.
This is certain: good health is needed to be able to access the inner stuff.
By good health is meant healthy nervous system.   Many things need to
come together harmoniously for that to happen; please, see the other
pages of this website for more answers.   The page Good Health Trinity
is a good start.

As your nervous system heals, as your spiritual energy increases,
you connect with your true Self better and better, and thus you
understand life better and better.   More and more is revealed to you
(to your conscious awareness).
Enlightenment is the ultimate personal spiritual experience, the
ultimate revelation, as far as earthly life is concerned.

Note:   There are some forms of healthcare that do help with
true healing, with revealing your inner stuff, such as: chiropractic,
NET, naturopathy, and other forms of natural healthcare that honor
the body and natural healing processes.
NET can help with revealing what kind of healthcare your body needs.

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