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If you consider joining an organization, or you already are a member of
an organization, it is beneficial to be aware of the energy level of
the organization.   In other words, how positive that organization is.
The higher energized it is, the more positive it is.   Being a member of
a low(er) energy organization can and does affect your energy level,
your health, in a negative way, and can even thwart your spiritual
evolution, including your connection with Divine Loves (Gods).
The organization might be a church, a temple, scouts, girl guides,
masons, a "secret" society, a martial arts studio,
a political party, army cadets, national guards, part-time military,
a sports team, parents against drunk driving, a fraternity, a food bank, etc.

How can you tell if that organization is positive?
It's outward, physical, manifestation is not a reliable indicator.
Looks can be deceiving.   For example, just because its members
talk about God, or help homeless, or donate money to charities,
doesn't mean the organization is positive.   What determines its
positiveness is the energy that's behind it, which includes everyone
and everything that is connected with that organization in all ways.
For example, if a food bank is staffed by low-energy persons, its
energy is negative, even though on the surface they give free food
to poor people.   The people who come to the low-energy food bank
for help, get free food along with negative energy of the negative
(low-energy) people.   One hand offers help, the other one stabs in
the back.
The best way to tell if that organization is positive is by visiting a doctor
that performs Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).
NET can reliably reveal what goes on, even at the subconscious and
super-conscious levels.
Another way to tell is to use the muscle-strength testing, as described
in the very positive book "Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins.
However, using the muscle-strength testing may not give you
the most reliable results, as your energy system might be blocked, switched,
or affected by something negative, which can result in a false answer.
Doctors trained in NET know how to detect and correct all that.
Yet another way to tell if that organization is positive, is to consider
the following:
- the use of symbols, rituals, dogmas, rules, morals, initiations, punishments,
    rigid hierarchy, drills, pledges, swearing allegiance, secret
    signs and languages, indicate low(er) energy.
- using intimidation or pressure, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually,
    indicates poor energy.
- if members use toxins such as tobacco, alcohol, pork, mercury (tooth fillings),
    weapons, drugs, that organization is almost certainly a low-energy one.
- members that have poor posture (hunched back, or leaning to one side),
    don't have much energy, and thus they contribute negatively
    to the organization.
Note:   Some symbols can be positive, such as the cross.
When people get together to accomplish something, certain
agreements on how to do things (certain rules) are obviously needed.
It would be impossible to play games and sports if they had no rules guiding them,
for example.   These are common-sense, positive rules.
However, there are rules that are negative, such as rules in gangs, in military.
These are rules that are not common-sense, that are not loving.

Again, the best way to check if that organization is good for you or not
is to visit a doctor that performs NET (you can follow the link to find
a practitioner).   Even if you had to travel a distance to see the doctor,
it would be very worth it, as getting involved in something you are not
congruent (in harmony) with weakens you.
If you already are (or were) involved in an organization that has (had) low
energy, NET, along with chiropractic, can help you recover from that
(of course, leaving the organization would be the first step in your healing).

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