What Holds Society Together

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Society can be held together by force or by power.

Force = laws, morals, punishments, dogmas, canons, beliefs
Power = love, understanding

A society that is held together by force falls apart when something stresses
it, such as natural and man-made disasters.   Manifestations of that
disintegration are riots, looting, lynching, anarchy, dictatorships, and other
out-of-control behavior.   This kind of society does not, and cannot, last.
Eventually it either self-destructs or transcends the force and becomes

A society that is held together by power does not fall apart when it is stressed
by something.   Its members remain loving regardless of what happens.
Forceful things such as laws, morals, punishments, don't exist.   Everyone
is guided by his/her intelligence and spontaneously reacts to events
in a loving way.

Other symptoms of a force-based society are: lack of resources (water, food,
money, clean air, etc.); a few controlling many; military; police that don't
protect people and that enforce unloving laws (taxes, freedom limiting, etc.);
unloving laws (as already mentioned); borders; people struggling to survive;
overpopulation; chronic traffic jams; pollution; lack of true answers (whether
it's about health, or the news, or whatever); disregard for other people's
lives; willingness of people to ingest/use toxins (smoking, alcohol, drugs,
harmful pesticides, etc.); perversions; etc.

A force-based society is mind-based, smartness-based.
A power-based society is heart-based, intelligence-based.

There is only one way to transcend the force-based society: each member
of the society has to heal enough to raise his/her energy into the region
of unconditional love (initially, at least enough people [a critical mass]
have to heal to raise the energy of the society, and that creates enough
pull on the rest, so they basically have no other choice but to heal).
The universal basics of the healing are mentioned on the page
Good Health Trinity.

Note: A force-based society may contain some elements of love, and as
the society heals (raises its energy), more and more love is present.

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