Riding motorcycles, and life, safely

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For safe transportation there needs to be clarity: clarity of seeing, and clarity of being seen.
To achieve clarity there needs to be wholeness.   What "spoils" wholeness is fragmentation.
What enables fragmentation is, primarily, toxicity.   It could be said that basically all other
negative stuff (such as negative intentions, negative thoughts, attraction to low-energy
entertainment, etc.) is the result of toxicity.

Many times a driver says, "I didn't see the biker", after an accident.   How can a driver
be looking straight at a biker and not see him/her?   Yes, it is possible.   Either the driver
or the biker (most likely both) lacked clarity.
When you look at someone, you're not just looking
at the person's physical body; you can also see the person's energy system and spirit.
Your subconscious combines all the information.   If the person you're looking at has
clarity, you can clearly see the person - the person looks clearly defined, like a laser-cut
pattern.   However, if the person you're looking at lacks clarity - in other words is toxic -
you're looking at a mess; symbolically, the person may look like like a gray fuzzy mass,
or even disappear from your radar completely.   Here is where your energy, your clarity
comes in.   If you have enough clarity, enough energy, you can handle this messed-up
person and his/her fuzziness or "invisibility" cannot deceive you - you can still see
the person, and as a driver take an appropriate safe action.   However, if you don't
have enough energy, enough clarity (are sufficiently toxic), you cannot handle the
other person's mess and thus you can easily miss the biker and hit him/her.
(Of course, this is valid for pedestrians, car drivers, and other aspects of life, as well.)

How about when you have clarity and others don't?   Does it mean you're safe?
I believe the chance of you getting into an accident is hugely reduced.   Is it gone
completely?   This may depend on other things in your life, your life path, such as
your karma and your spiritual endeavors.
To further improve your chances of arriving at your destination safe, awareness*
is vitally important, plus positive affirmations (prayers) and visualizations.
(Praying for your safety as if you already have it, and seeing your trip as safe and
joyful.   An example of a prayer would be: "With the grace of Divine Love my
trip is safe, healthy, and fun.   Awareness".)
*Note: "alertness" can be substituted for the word "awareness".

The most commonly used toxins (that "spoil" your clarity) are alcohol, smoking, drugs,
coffee, junk food/drink, pork products, mercury (mainly in amalgams and also some fish).
Avoiding them 100% is essential.

So riding a motorcycle is not dangerous.   When it is done with alertness and clarity
it as safe as transportation can be.   What is dangerous is affecting your life with toxins.
Toxins not only poison your body, but also their negative energy burdens your
energy system and your spirit, and attracts other negative energies to you.   This is
a recipe for an accident.
As you can see, staying away from toxins, detoxifying, and supplying your body
with the highest quality nutrients is vitally important.   It helps you stay safe, healthy,
and have fun.   The pages Swaddling Bands and Good Health Trinity provide
more detailed info.
This website is dedicated to good health and joyful life.   It's a big recipe with many
ingredients.   Please see the other pages of this website for more info.

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