Thinking vs. Intuiting (Intuition)

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All positive guidance and helpful answers come via intuiting (intuition).
All inspirational and helpful stuff (music, choreography, inventions, design,
literature, etc.) make it to this world via intuiting.

Thinking is an activity of the mind, the false self.   Because the mind cannot
see into the deeper levels of the spirit, and by itself it doesn't have access to
answers (information) needed to live and prosper, it substitutes for this lack
by processing the world as it can sense it (the five physical senses) via thoughts.
This could be envisioned as a big cement mixer, except instead of cement
inputs from the mind are thrown in.   What comes out of this mixer are
thoughts and emotions.

Intuiting is an activity of the spirit.   The spirit has the knowledge and understanding
to guide positively, and to manifest inspirational and truly helpful stuff.
Intuiting can happen only when there is no thinking.   In other words, thinking blocks
intuiting.   Everything in this world that has helped the society in a positive way has
come via intuition.   Sometimes the mind can claim the credit ("I came up with this idea";
"I invented this device": "I composed this song"; "I designed this"),
but that is a false pride - a possessiveness.   In truth, the idea, the device, the song,
the design, arrived via intuition during a gap between thoughts.   Then the mind
noticed the intuitive input and converted it to a thought (or repeated it in a thought).
("My idea"; "my invention"; "my composition"; "my design" are another expression
of this false pride - possessiveness.)

The question arises, what good is thinking for?   Thinking is an inevitable product
of the mind as it copes with the world.   It may be beneficial to use thinking to ask
a question or to repeat an intuitive revelation so it is not forgotten at the conscious
level.   When enlightenment comes, thinking stops completely (as the mind is dissolved).
Deep and relaxed breathing is vital to good health and better connection with your
true Self.   Have you noticed that when you think your breathing gets shallower, tighter,
or may even stop for periods of time?   Conversely, when you breathe in a deep, relaxed
way, it is difficult to think - you get into a meditative state.   From these observations it
is obvious that while thinking has some use for un-enlightened persons, it is a very
limited use and the biggest benefit is in a quiet mind (meditative) state.

Note:   sometimes it may be useful, or even necessary to claim this or that was my
idea/composition/invention/design.   For example, during legal proceedings.
At the same times it's important to be aware that it's just a pretended facade to
satisfy legal requirements; in reality, I was as a channel for the idea/composition/
invention/design, that's all.   False pride, possessiveness, are a sure way to get
cut off from intuition, from your true Self, and from Divine Loves (Gods).

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