Where is it all heading?

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The energy of the world is increasing, which means
the world is healing.
What is at the end of the healing road?
It is a harmonious world where souls incarnate for an experience
that is impossible to get at the higher levels of Existence, such as
experiencing childhood and parenthood.
When will that harmonious world manifest?
That depends on two main parties: you and Divine Loves (Gods).
If the analogy of a road is used, negative energies are like snowdrifts,
road kills, and potholes. For us to be able to drive fast, safe, and
not to miss our turns, we need the road to be in a good shape.
There are certain road maintenance tasks we can safely handle,
and there are some road maintenance tasks that we need help
with - help from Divine Loves.
When all that road maintenance comes through harmoniously,
we can safely reach our destination.

You cannot control what Divine Loves do, but you can control
what you do, to some degree*.
You can choose going to a chiropractor, to an NET practitioner,
eating healthful food, supplementing with good quality vitamins
and minerals, reducing exposure to harmful EMFs (electro-magnetic
fields), staying away from toxins (such as alcohol, mercury, tobacco,
junk food, coca cola, pork, process foods, chemicals in many cosmetic
products and bug sprays, chemicals in pesticides and herbicides, etc),
staying away from computer/video games, staying away from TV/movies,
exercising moderately, opting out of flue shots and other vaccines, staying
away from drugs (including drugs such as aspirin, tylenol, advil, etc),
silent-meditating, detoxifying as directed by a qualified naturopath, etc.
All those things you can control, and they go a long way in
helping you raise your energy level, so you can help the whole
world in a positive way = you help maintain the road better and better.
In other words, the sooner you accept responsibility for your health,
and heal (such as promoted by this website), the sooner the harmonious
world manifests. There are no magical pills, no abracadabra, and
nobody will do anything for you. If you want a joyful world, you
have to start manifesting it through you, through your good health.
Again, "good health" doesn't necessarily mean being
free of physical symptoms; it means having your nervous system
in a good shape. An NET doctor or a chiropractor can assess
your health in a reliable way.

*Note: to what degree you are in control of your life depends on how
energized you are. The more spiritual energy you have, the more
you are in charge of your life. Low-energy people are controlled by
negative entities to some (larger) degree. You want to be in control
of your life? The answers on this website can help you understand
how to go about it. Basically, it boils down to healthy nervous system.
The page Good Health Trinity is a good start.

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