Who Is Right?

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Father argues with his son about how much control he should
have over the boy's driving: when he can borrow the car; where
he can go; with whom he can go; how fast he can drive; etc.
The boy says his father should trust him; his father says that
trust must be earned and that he is too inexperienced to have
full driving privileges.

Union argues with the employer over the wages, working conditions,
and benefits.   The union says that there is enough profit to keep on
increasing the wages and maintain the generous benefits; the employer
says that during the current economic times such demands are

Some people argue what the best way of helping impoverished
people in disease affected areas is.   Some argue for sending
food and medicine; others say the best is proper education;
and there are those that say that all of that is waste of money
and the people should be left to their fate.

Who is right in all these arguments?   Nobody.   Even though that
each side might present some truth - a little bit here, a little bit there -
overall they argue within the context of sickness, of disharmony.
This context of sickness has been the status quo on this planet
for a very long time, so some people might not be consciously aware
that there is an alternative - a different context, a different
way of being: harmony.   When all these arguments are viewed
from within the context of harmony, they sound foolish, childish,
immature, a waste of energy.
You might say that this is hardly news to you, that you know
all this already, but knowing something intellectually is a far way
from understanding it intelligently.
In the case of intellectuality, it stays as a static knowledge in your
mind - a library of ready answers in your head, but it doesn't become
manifested in your life in actuality.
In the case of intelligent understanding, it becomes manifested
in actuality.
Some people say they know that drinking coffee is not good for them,
but they still do it = intellectual knowing.
Some people come to understand that drinking coffee is not good
for them and they stop drinking it = intelligent understanding.
In the case of intellectual knowing the person keeps on being
poisoned by the coffee, and sick status quo is being maintained.
In the case of intelligent understanding the person stops ingesting
the poisons and thus the body has a chance to heal.

As stated on other pages of this website, we each have our own
responsibilities, and when we fulfill them, all these arguments
don't even come into being.
These responsibilities could be summarized as:   take care of your
health so you can safely handle all that you need to do in your life,
congruently with your Self and Divine Loves (Gods)
If we all did that, there would be no way for children to rebel against
their parents, and the parents would completely trust their children.
There would be no need for unions to exist; all employers would
treat the employees with respect, keep the right balance between
profit and salaries/benefits; the employees would know it and wouldn't
demand unreasonable things.
There would be no impoverished, disease affected areas.

Taking care of your health boils down to Good Health Trinity.
It is toxicity and energy fragmentation that are behind all unloving
behavior; whether it manifests as parents suppressing their children,
arguments, unreasonable demands, lack of food in some areas while
others have abundance, etc.
Rephrased, lovingness is the natural outcome of good health,
namely, healthy nervous system.   Please, see the other pages of this
website for more info.

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